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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 13:00

Başakşehir enthusiastic farewell Scout Camp

Başakşehir enthusiastic farewell Scout Camp
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Şamlar the closing program of the Municipality of Başakşehir Nature Park Scout Camp 2013 took place in the camping area.

their families participated in the program in the field of Scouts camping browsing

parents sitting around the campfire, children had fun together.

Başakşehir Council Scout Camp 3 closing program of the AK Party Chairman Ayhan Özgürel Başakşehir District Youth Wing President Furkan Leventoğlu, Director of Cultural and Social Affairs Council Başakşehir Basri Akdemir, Editorial Director Mehmet Akif Goksu, rose and parents attended Kazim Director of Parks and Gardens. Parents who send their children to camp in the open air cocktail held in the Municipality of Başakşehir Scout camp and then toured the area, sat around the campfire and watched the activities of the children prepared for the closing.

Scout Camp Closure program, the Secretary General and Coordinator of the Başaksehirspor Taceddin Ozcan, scouting camp began in 2010, several leaders said the completion of this year 500 thousand people. Scouting and Guiding Federation of Turkey-fired plants, depending on Başakşehir Scout Camp, explaining that the Özcan, gave the following information:

"Every year we continue to add new things on the tracker at our camp this year, Fly-Fox, Badminton, while activities such as technical trail, archery, added activities such as trail scout. children to eat here on their own, to make tents, radio and compass use, extreme conditions, most importantly, aid to fight, team spirit and respect for nature and learned to do a favor. again this year for the first time at our camp hosted 25 Scouts with mental disabilities. What we saw was so helpful in the coming years, we decided to continue the activities of this kind. again this year in Lebanon, Jordan and Dubai, while visitors from 120 Scouts at our camp, our club 2 scout trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, of the nine countries and 28 cities sent Balkan Summer Camp. Scouting and Guiding Federation of Turkey joint project of the National Police and the 'Keep up the mountain Scouts' project, Diyarbakır, Muş and Siirt hosted children from . All of these studies have lent their support to us to be docile, particularly Turkey Scouting Federation President Mevlut Mayor Hasan Smith and his team, who entrust us with their children to our camp leaders and the pupil would like to thank our dear parents."

District Chairman of AK Party Başakşehir Ayhan Özgürel,"I grasp the days we had the right to think that the events of our mental and physical sense. development of our children, raising the need to keep at the forefront of such organizations. with technology, nature and the environment, but that information will be dotted want healthier generations."he spoke.

Parents Döne

blind,"two children attended the camp with their cousins. İstanbul nature can make use of such a great blessing to find a boy scout camping area camping area ran a lot of us liked our için.Çocuklarımız. Center of Istanbul, in such a media to find and evaluate it so beautiful."said. Sevim in Fur"My daughter and son came to the camp of scouting. Camping area we have seen today is very liked. City life and the opportunities to experience this in a very nice environment. Saw our children to live in the natural environment, and realized the value of your home comfort."he said, Hasan Tigris"2 kids attended the camp. Closing the occasion was opened and the parents visited the camp area. scout camp, very pleased. developing children's personalities and self-confidence."said.

Başakşehir veda enthusiastic Boy Scout Camp

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