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  • 21 Şubat 2013, Perşembe 04:33

Basaran Tofaş CEO:plan to invest 130 million dollars in 2013

Basaran Tofaş CEO:plan to invest 130 million dollars in 2013
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TOFAŞ CEO Kamil Basaran, anticipated to invest $ 130 million in 2013, he said.

Referring to extend to new models of working on this share

Basaran, and 750 thousand vehicles in the domestic market expectations voiced.

TOFAŞ TOFAŞ who visited Konya Vendor Koyuncu Otomotiv CEO water Kamil Basaran, met with the media. Basaran, the assessment for the year 2012, while by 2013 questions answered about ilişken goals.

they produce one of the locals explained that each of the 4 vehicle Basaran, one of the 4 local utilities have carried out exports, he said. Turnover of $ 6 billion by 2012, explaining what they Basaran,"However, a profit of $ 448 million took place. Again in 2012 an investment of 96 million euros and we did. A total of 256 thousand vehicles were built, We have exported 154 thousand in the gadget."he said.

"WHEN WE ARE ON SECTOR 3.5 M B illion dollars gave"

the automotive sector in Turkey in 2012 to 2.2 billion Kamil who note that the foreign trade deficit of $ Basaran,"TOFAŞ have a trade surplus of $ 384 million in 2012. automotive sector, the trade deficit was 2.2 billion Tofaş has a trade surplus of $ 3.5 billion during the same period. Consequently Pack of 102 thousand vehicles in 2012 percent of sales 13.2've had a share of. Linea During this period, best-selling model in its segment with 33 thousand 351 vehicles was one. Croma Doblo in 2012 continued to increase its performance and 26.2 years in 2012, with a market share of light commercial vehicles closed. Doblo best-selling vehicle in the segment was also in this period. domestic production accounted for 84 percent of the domestic market, we have achieved success in selling."he said.


TOFAŞ senior manager Basaran, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry officials working Bursa shares and received the good news that all the iron ways to connect with them, he said. Basaran, Bursa, Konya all railways connection generally associated with the supply of goods could no longer expressed Tofaş said:"The rail network, connecting the Tofas Bursa, Konya, Konya and spare parts as well as receive other services is now possible. therefore zarfınca geographic barriers, time ceased to constitute a break will take place in all kinds of value-added."

"The crisis in Europe and Latin America have discovered"
TOFAŞ CEO water Basaran, 10-fold growth in Latin America have carried out in this region, said they entered the market. Especially in the southern countries of Europe, in order to improve the economic consequences of the crisis entered a new search recorded speech Basaran said:"Latin American market, has grown 10 times. However did not stay in, Linea and directed Doblo products to the Russian market. Hopefully the year 2013 in the Latin the United States and Russia could go towards a larger number of sales."

Koyuncu Automotive Abraham Koyuncu Member of the Board of Directors since 2002, have lived on Tofaş dealer stated that the brand leader in the region in this process are expressed. Abraham Koyuncu, Koyuncu Group, is currently 800 employees, has announced that they contributed $ 200 million in national product in 2012.
Basaran, CEO of Tofas:2013 130 million dollar investment plan

Basaran Tofaş CEO:plan to invest 130 million dollars in 2013

Basaran Tofaş CEO:plan to invest 130 million dollars in 2013" comments for.


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