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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:44

Basic Kotil:"Thy Aviation Sector of the Big Players"

Basic Kotil:
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Held at Yildiz Technical University in Turkey for the first time within the statute introductory courses, students meet with Star THY General Manager Temel Kotil, TK spoke about the important.

İstanbul news: Held at Yildiz Technical University in Turkey for the first time within the statute introductory courses, students meet with Star THY General Manager Temel Kotil, TK spoke about the important. Kotil,"we had a great performers in the aviation industry. Passed the French at the moment. Germans have in front of us. Who had no pass them on,"he said.
held at Yıldız Technical University in Turkey for the first time within the program, Yıldız Technical University (YTU) Introduction to Mechanical Engineering course not in the format of the exam. Young engineers will encounter in future issues of candidates already carried out in order to prepare lessons, chairman of the industry's leading firms participating as speakers, the students are made presentations. 3rd year in courses that last week the guest in the world, many countries and one from the airport most city flying, total flight network in the world, the 4th largest network with Turkish Airlines General Manager Assoc. Dr.. Basic Kotil was.
Course Coordinator of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Prof. YT. Dr.. Özden place on the course with the presentation of AGRA, began by mentioning the brief biographies of Kotili. Then podium Kotil youth, especially the grade point averages talked about the importance and speaking the world's increasingly globalized now that only in Turkey but in the world of facilities necessary to examine the issue by stressing continued.
Turkey is also now"Globallik"play on that of a university being good students that there was good now, language is very important, it is very easy to learn a language Kotil said,"CATIA"software program, spoke about the importance of theory emphasized. When switching to the active life anywhere in the world where there are job opportunities and 21 It was emphasized that a crucial century was the century. Yıldız Technical University of reading is a great chance that specifies Basic Kotil, Yıldız Technical University"Very handsome college,"he described.
YT students from Ebru Köksoy, Furkan Yilmaz and Mohammad Girginer the course of the pre-Basic Kotil Stars for the magazine in an interview, as a course of discourse and opinions emerged.
"SUCCESS in everyone's heart INCOME"
students"Turkish Airlines, Istanbul University, including Most universities for R & D projects is performing. Yildiz Technical University, such a project is scheduled to Do?"On the question of Kotil,"Turkish Airlines, a very large organization. currently 18 thousand employees have sub-companies with 30 thousand turns. Turkey each university every part of the program can do. Moreover YT Technopark in the 'Software' a study on think"said.
Basic Kotil,"At the moment the Turkish Airlines important step you have come to Istanbul as well as at the University of classes would continue. them both together how to execute it feel?"to the question,"the company's largest and internationally from the fact that Due to many meetings in the know. But I liked the course when young with friends coexistence My. three years each term one I teach. During this period, 'Numerical Analysis' I'm teaching.coming period the 'Mechanical Vibrations' I'm teaching. Students to friends look"Oh how nice,"I say. course takes three hours and three hours with these friends I'm with. Course after other meetings, I am. But he is young at the time I spent I got from happiness take it from there I do not,"he responded.
"at a university engineering departments, Do you think different from other departments?"on the question of Kotil said;
"In this world of education as a bad job, verbs pitch as bad as the field does not exist. popular there, has not. My character engineering prone. machinery, electricity, nuclear, are each valuable engineering . Today I choose des're too tired I am. All it's so beautiful. Engineers stay as provided engineering and extend beyond the can. social sciences also want to go. sociology, psychology could read. facts is one thing; achievement man's heart is by the feelings involved.'re doing profession to succeed in feel, it supposed to love. mechanical engineering friends in the machine if they like, the machine also nice already, it really is beautiful. Sevmeyenler for friends or engineering a bad engineering is. Ben for you old'm one experience there that matters, the exact mechanism works as follows; first your profession if you like, trying to chemistry to him to properly behave. bit later, come to your mind when things are starting to come."
Students Temel Kotil"A lot of sections can be successful in Welcome, cause mechanical engineering?"in the form of questions asked.
supply the most recent date that he wrote stating Kotil,"1st I wrote aeronautical engineering was, he was bestowed. So people sometimes fears they live. either does not keep, or does not keep ... So the date okusam maybe too nice would be, he separate issue, but many things such as fate in front of you is coming. everyone a different story there are professional when choosing. I like mechanical engineering prone to be the reason; Rizeliy, I Gündoğdu'nun was experiencing. childhood I was spent there. relatives or rifle would have done or the car were made. So lathe , milling ... very scrumptious lathes would not, but at least around welding machine had, point machines had. bit with them yaşayınca not occur naturally begins. machine I choose it,"he said.
"Our country's 2023 vision, within the aircraft industry both civil and military aircraft Efforts have to be produced. How do you evaluate this?"On the question of the Basic Kotil,"Turkey, aviation technology, civil, military, aircraft, movement, helicopters, missiles and so on. issues in all of the major players will be one. Their 10-year projects. Slowly walk will. But Turkey aircraft-producing countries will be. this work for there. Ministry of Transportation of a general directorate was established. billion dollar major budget were separated. Turkey already flown, motor-related companies have. Aselsan there, Havasu, the Alpha there. herein Turkish Airlines also will play. Turkish Airlines of world aviation is 2 percent. too small it may be, but the largest volume of 4 per cent .. We crossed France, Germany and Turkey in Europe has forced the summit,"he said.
done about that Turkish Airlines in engineering Referring Kotil,"We air bakımcısıyız. But we look at devices $ 100 million devices. Automobile as 100 thousand TL devices are not. Instruments, a thousand times more valuable devices. therefore for him far more complicated engineering maintenance service is given. So airplanes, people do the most sophisticated tools. Old systems have backup systems have. flight safety is technology to end use. Hundreds computer system aircraft is directing. them When you look at engineers, maintenance programs, design small pieces to be designed so on.completely done. Aircraft we make Designed after the body needs to be produced. I do not produce. everything else we do,"he said.
Basic Kotil,"THY future targets in line with larger projects will take me? goal what?"On the question of the words concluded:
"Life is very real. what you're doing, then follow the truth You have to., a plant, some water, missing no chance to live yet. want as long as you take care of it's needs must correct. aviation industry also we have a great performers . the French crossed at the moment. Germans have in front of us. who had no them in the past are. His only passenger and cargo are focused and that housing the largest're trying to be. 50 million passengers are carrying this year. Started when we was 10 million. 10 million to 50 million came. 1.8 billion dollars turnover had. this year to $ 10 billion came. More time, more destinations, better quality service, cheaper services, more economical to make and for that sub-companies have. them more make the handset more efficient, do ... this never-ending Our story will be ours."

Basic Kotil:"Thy Aviation Sector of the Big Players"" comments for.


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