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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 09:17

Basri Lightning:\"Non-stop Continue to Provincial Chairman , our goal in 2023 \"

Basri Lightning:\
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Head of the Provincial Congress which will be held in the coming period , explaining that the re-election of the AK Party Chairman Persian Lightning Usak Province , said that thinking about parliamentary candidacy .

Uşak news:
due October 1 International Day for Older Persian Lightning makes a statement to reporters , did not respond to questions related to the agenda . City and County of Butler Teşkilatları AK Party and election of delegates to the congress focused on the period of suspension of the list that came Basra Provincial Chairman Yildirim, 19 October 2014 On Saturday, delegates noted that the elections will be held . 5th ordinary congress of the period of the unity and integrity of importance for voicing the Persian Lightning , 2015-2023 period, the staff of the shaped said.
RECONCILIATION ENVIRONMENT will endeavor to provide
Party's provinces and districts on the basis of convention to be held during the single list with the principle would move said Basri Lightning, \"recently held in Ankara and Mr. Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu also attended the Provincial Meeting of the Heads important issues we talked . especially convention period came up a single list to act with the idea of was raised. herein main objective is to provide unity and integrity of the party.coming period, we will enter a severe selection process and without regard to any resentment , elections will be successful , \"he said . AK Party in the whole congress periods attracted much attention describing the Persian Lightning , said:\"We have entered every election excited causes . Because it's really the service produced a political organization can not , and here will be in charge of our friends responsibilities too . Moreover, all congressional our consensus culture is done with . Hopefully the CHP and the MHP , this approach becomes widespread . \"
AK Party headquarters and the party organization of the task to continue that since record Basri lightning, \"AK Party's policies very clearly in the middle. factionalism to , strife and segregation not place a structure that we are . March 30 local elections from the previous provincial president candidate was nominated and the task we have taken over . served on us the duty is 11 months adequately to fulfill tried . General Chairman Ahmet Davutoğlu and his party of our mission to continue our side attitude there . we in Congress seek re-election will be and provincial chairman resume at the point teşkilatımızın our vote of confidence will ask . About being a candidate for deputy candidate is put forward some opinions . Some in our party , our friends are showing favor in this direction . But we provincial chairman proceeding favor , \"he said .
PARLIAMENTARY CANDIDATE candidates have equal distance will
AK Party of doing politics every Turkish citizen is entitled describing the Persian Lightning , \"City and management of the country who want to have a voice and I want to put a brick in the thought that I look forward to our party . There are 2015 general elections ahead of us and some of our friends in Parliament , we see that at the point of appetite . We are in the process candidates will stand at an equal distance to all our brothers and sisters . What people , what rights , nor the AK Party General Chairman Ahmet Davutoğlu will mislead . Currently two deputies continues our mission successfully . We walked in the process of peace and brotherhood . We stand behind our solicitor in both the Organization . Congress will begin after the general election of air . All candidates for our brothers and sisters in advance I wish you success , \"he said . Nationals the last 6 months in two major choice jumped , adding that Basri Lightning, said:\"30 March and 10 August, got out successfully . Now, immediately after the congress period and will enter the general election process . Obviously, our people do not want to be so much choice . Fortunately election period will be completed and the service even more will be improved. \"
ELDERLY respecting SOCIETY Koreans
the other hand, the AK Party elderly Coordination Center President Osman Kutluay , October 1 International Day for Older due to a made a statement . elderly , large respect , the experience to benefit from a society to atrophy , remain idle hundred shed save to Osman Kutluay , \"a society's memory, nature , bearing date today allow exchange of information valuable elders second spring which serve it in times of health, peace and prosperity in efforts will continue our efforts to live and I want to mention . October 1st World Elders'Day on the occasion of the world older our this day celebrates the upcoming Eid al-Adha on the eve of kinship ties severed not , great to visit and passed feast flavors rose to experience hope , \"he said .

Basri Lightning:\"Non-stop Continue to Provincial Chairman , our goal in 2023 \"" comments for.


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