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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:29

Bastion Prayer Day in History

Bastion Prayer Day in History
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Canakkale protocol Namazgah on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Eid met at Bastion .

Çanakkale news: Join Namazgah after the Eid prayer was held holy ceremony .
Connected to the district of Çanakkale Eceabat Kilitbahir 16 in the village with the ball during the Battle of Çanakkale Strait plays an important role in the defense Namazgah Eid prayers at Bastion . Canakkale Governor Ahmet Cinar, Gallipoli 2nd Corps Commander Lieutenant General Lightning Guvench , Çanakkale Deputy Mayor Dr. Jalal Kararkaş Eceabat Governor Nurettin Resistance , Canakkale Province Police Chief Yilmaz Ozden, apartment managers , representatives of political parties and the citizens , the read-hour prayer with 07.53't date Namazgah kept pure . Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Faculty of Theology, Prof. Dr. After the Eid prayer by Ayeng Tawhid kıldırılan public bayramlaştı protocol . Eid greetings to the children who participate in toys and money were distributed by the governor . Then prayer respondents , forts established in the table together at breakfast.
Canakkale Governor Ahmet Cinar, \"Here they who sacrifice of martyrs and veterans of our prayers that to us until today Namazgah as a memento that they left in space holy ceremonies have achieved . Gross official protocol and our people here to pray attibutes Eid greetings . was so meaningful . I think Muslim unity and integrity much needed at a time when we live. this regard, the great war has seen the persecution against the union and a single heart and the merger knew how a nation's victories gained in this square this union the largest message can be given I think . Let alone the plagues God our defense . pray bless integrity of our Union , \"he said .

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