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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 17:01

Batman, DBP Regions Meeting Held

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Democratic Party of Regions ( DBP ) organized by Batman meeting was held at the Municipal Conference Hall.

Batman news: Photo Emine Ayna meeting DBP Co-Chairman , Co-Chairman Sabri Batman Municipality Özdemir, Gulistan Akel , party members and NGO representatives attended . Emine Ayna gave a speech after the reading of the letter sent at the meeting, Abdullah Ocalan , the Kurds living in this region , said this region is one of the main people. Kurd said that they have that they are fighting identity since the days of the Mirror, \"For example, the Turks are said to come from this region to Central Asia. There's nothing like that for But the Kurds. The Kurds have come to this region from anywhere in the world. They are one of this region's main population. They Have This since they attempt to impose their national identity . it is essential to language, culture, history. the sharing of historical experience. Kurdish history , if what state where they live that it is costing the state , national identity, whatever that date was their goods . for example, in Turkey the Kurdish history the Turks , the Persians in Iran, Iraq, has been attributed to the Arabs. that is extortion in question to their history. we however, say that . it is not only physical genocide for the Kurds . Culturally, it is political genocide. Therefore, we emphasize them . Completely lineage is broken . were intended to be destroyed . in although there is a resistance, \"he said.
\" DO NOT WANT a SEPARATE STATE \"Photo Today the Kurdish Republic of Turkey, within the boundaries of a few things Mirror stated that they want to unite , \"a Turkish how to use the national identity rights If you use a Kurd in the same way in this region. If there is a Turkish national identity in a language , you also get a Kurd. When we spoke to told us in the past it is not an official language in Kurdish . We also do when we were saying that the official language. If the obstacle in front of the official languages ​​of education in the mother tongue then do the official language. Do not say one language. We say that it is not necessary . We do not want an independent state . I live with you . If you install the official language of the state , saying the Kurds want Kurdish Did you encourage it ? No, that's not necessary . There are people living in the same geographical area , and they see education in their own language . Turkey should remove himself a new one , they are against , \"he said . Not with an armed struggle in this process happening in Photo Country , Mirror stating that they believe that they can implement with a political struggle , \"We want to do it. We call it the Turkey. What is he doing . Despite close to a month to block all of the state in this process , the political struggle to upgrade , upgrade bureaucratic struggle , not opinions employees weapon to silence Abdullah Öcalan . Can not view. As DBP , do not be that they do calculations over Öcalan against the Kurdish people. Do not let them make use of the tool as a threat against the people of Kurdish Ocalan . This is done for the last month . Each topic can be debated . But for the people of Kurdish Ocalan can not debate . Do not use them against the Kurds to be . The most vulnerable point is the Kurds . The most indisputable point , \"he said . He continued
closed to the press after the meeting .

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