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  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 15:14

Batman in Health Tourism

Batman in Health Tourism
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Growing interest in Batman more every day to drop private hospital.

Batman news: Growing interest in Batman more every day to drop private hospital. Northern Iraq , Syria and Libya patients from being treated in a private hospital in Batman . Photo Batman Medical Park Hospital General Manager rad.dr. Mahmoud Akdag, North of a delegation from Iraq is coming to Batman , but finally a picture from Erbil delegation Batman and observations they made in Diyarbakir, Batman hospitals they prefer, said that so Batman health tourism positive effect . Mahmoud Akdag, who can not treat people in northern Iraq and irreversible effects Khabur border gate will continue to flow as long as the road is open and most of Batman and he said partly traced back to Gaziantep and Diyarbakir . That expressed offices in northern Iraq Akdag said:Photo \"I could see on a daily basis in our hospital for 30-40 patients. I know the daily 50-60 patient entry to Batman in this sense . The patients need hotel level need to shop at a level of the exchange was left . Turkey is gaining currency in earnest under the name of health tourism. the Netherlands, Germany , Azerbaijan and Libya medical Park group are patients seriously . We are looking for patients from more northern Iraq as Batman's hospital. \"Photo < br/> \" EVENTS aND uNCERTAINTY was AFFECT THE HEALTH TOURISM \"Photo lately reminded that resulted in discontinuation of patients closure of the events and the uncertainty due to border crossing Akdag, said:\"Thankfully calm of the last few days in an environment of peace and tranquility began to come to Batman northern Iraq patient again we call civilian patients with the generation . we believe that shortly after this war is over . the continuation of the contact is important is our northern Iraq and civilian patients, they are our providing this service until yetince themselves in the health field . Batman's private hospitals because patients can not be treated there from northern Iraq with a more powerful engine and is discharged as of and treatments made ​​to come here . \"Photo Photo DAILY OR Peshmerga are 8-9 Photo Dahuk, Erbil, Zakho and finally came delegation from the hospital stating that they examined the Southeast Akdag, he continued as follows:\"Batman, Diyarbakir and Gaziantep hospital were examined . Proximity delegation from Erbil as Batman and Diyarbakır after making Batman chose to study hospitals. Currently lying in hospital and treatment are carried out in our daily 8-9 peshmerga . This is the last week outside the peshmerga civilian patients are continuing our normal sirkülasyonu comes from northern Iraq. We are very happy to provide services to these patients. Because under the name of health tourism hotels in Batman , shopping centers are being affected positively and earn foreign exchange . \"Photo

Batman in Health Tourism" comments for.


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