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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:05

Batman University Peanut Thousand Trees were other

Batman University Peanut Thousand Trees were other
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Batman University Nuts and Application Research Center , launched reforestation efforts in the Raman Campus.

Batman news: The center was implemented under the additional thousand pistachio tree to campus . Photo Batman University pistachio tree was planted by the Raman Campus. In the Official Gazette dated January 19, 2014 after the release of the official regulations established Nuts Research and Application Center , launched the first study of Raman Campus. Previously nuts and announced the name of scientific studies on the effectiveness Batman University , pistachio tree planting earlier in the day took the first step in this regard. University Rector Dr. Abdusselam Uluçam academics and students were accompanied by additional thousand pistachio tree on campus . Emphasizing the importance of the Rector Prof. nuts Dr. Uluçam, \"we have established within the University Nuts scope of Application and Research Center , in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia , peanuts, almonds , walnuts, hazelnuts and encourage the hard-shelled fruit cultivation , such as chestnut, to stimulate the natural flora , protection of grown varieties and types in this region the ensure that our domestic varieties and types to hybridization high yield and foreign varieties in quality with outstanding features , in practice the new replication technique to teach the local producers and the area of interest , we aim to assist in the provision of maternal pen and grafted seedlings . Center of our Assoc our faculty the executive . is doing Dr. Filiz Akbas . such events are very important for both university students. as nature grounded nested to enhance the spiritual aspect of man is needed in a healthy life. So people are not able to distinguish the nature , \"he said . Photo region nuts types of farming and especially pistachio is suitable for ecology has also added the Rector Dr. Uluçam, \"In this context, aimed at building the infrastructure of a healthy seedling production . It is also planned to contribute to the creation of basic and applied research by undergraduate and graduate students to sources of practical work ,\"he said .

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