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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 16:48

Batur in the province of Mukhtar Services Building Opens

Batur in the province of Mukhtar Services Building Opens
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Narlıdere Abdul Batumi Mayor promised to Ilica district headman of the new and modern service building was inaugurated .

İzmir news: Narlıdere Abdul Batumi Mayor promised to Ilica district headman of the new and modern service building was inaugurated . At the end of the ceremony, the president was a surprise to muhtarships Baturin .
Narlıdere Ilica district Nark park performed within the new ward service building opening ceremony of the program Narlıdere Mayor Abdul Batur, CHP District President Jaafar Esen , municipal council members, Ilica residents and Mukhtar attended. Ilica district service building new ward headmen Ilica in a speech at the opening ceremony Leader thanked Demirdöven Batura . Demirdöven \"Narlıdere the mayor Ilica district residents can serve more good for us to give us the modern services for the building and we headman given to support due to the president personally and Ilica the neighborhood behalf thank you ,\"he said .
Narlıdere Mayor Abdul Batur your residency at the opening of his speech Ilica neighborhood involved in the construction of a new ward building services to municipal employees said thank you . Batur \"Muhtarlıks municipal citizens in contact with the most important service points. Mukhtar brothers since the past, our hands , our feet , our eyes we were . Citizen's distress first convey and for the solution we are working with the headmen of our major task is fulfilled. Our biggest mission Narlıdereli healthy and fast service to deliver for muhtarlarımız an alignment with work for . our Narlıdere most important agenda of our urban transformation . Pomegranate , Çatalkaya, 2.İnö and Atatürk's neighborhoods at the final speed continues. these neighborhoods conversion work of our citizens formed committees , cooperatives and village headmen our great union and in unison are continuing . Pomegranate , Çatalkaya, 2.İnö and Atatürk neighborhood headmen Narlıdere shape the future will be more beautiful and exemplary district is a very important step that urban transformation projects and gave us their support , thank you. Today where new ward opening of our building that we our population is the largest in the neighborhood in case of Ilica neighborhood . Our previous headman headman brother was using the building as their office and therefore had to request a headman building . All other buildings Narlıdere our headman was met by the Municipality . Muhtarlarımız Narlıdere befitting this beautiful fulfill their duties in the service building . Ilica Quarter neighborhood very important to us . Ilica selected as headmen our brother leader Demirdöven Ilica with this new building will lead to neighborhood residents due for services already , thank you. All headmen our Narlıdereli services to drive their unity, solidarity and harmony thank you for . \"He said.
Narlıdere Mayor Abdul Baturin Ilica district headmen new service building opening headmen and councilors along with doing Narlıdere headmen of a surprise was . President Batur previously promised to the entire neighborhood headman gave the laptop and printer .

Batur in the province of Mukhtar Services Building Opens" comments for.


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