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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 22:11

Bayburt Bayramlaşma Tradition

Bayburt Bayramlaşma Tradition
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Bayburt has become traditional in holy ceremonies this year has deteriorated .

Bayburt news: Each feast of different neighborhoods rooms protocol citizens holy to this feast the Şeyhhayr Districts Chamber took place.
Şeyhhayr in the neighborhood realized the traditional holy before the Governor Yusuf Odabaş, Mayor Medina Menu and Garrison Commander Colonel Mehmet Nail Yigit, Memnune EVs with the nursing home visiting nursing home residents bayramlaştı here .
Bayburt all citizens holy feast with the protocol in different neighborhoods of the room , the Şeyhhayr this feast was held in the Chamber of the neighborhood . Eid greetings to Governor Joseph Odabaş, Garrison Commander, Infantry Colonel Mehmet Nail Yigit, Mayor Mete Memiş , Former Interior Minister Ulku Gökalp South , Bayburt Deputy Governors Abdulhamid Khan and Ali Gökay Aydıntepe Governor Yeliz Yıldızhan , Demirözü Governor mind Yıldızhan , Bayburt, Rector of the University of Selcuk Coates AK Party Provincial Chairman Hakan Kobal, Deputy Mayors Nesimut did Selcuk Sahin Kızılaslan , circle chiefs, NGO representatives and citizens attended the meeting.
Şeyhhayr neighborhood chief Fuat Star and president of the association Enis lion's welcome speech after the Interior, former Minister Ulku gökalp South , Mayor Medina Menu and Governor Joseph Odabaş a welcome speech did .
\"This is our feature from anywhere in Turkey tell if I Everybody paid tribute \"
first speech that performs former Interior Minister Ulku Gökalp South , neighborhoods rooms in the social life emphasized the importance , \"the Feast of Sacrifice sincerely congratulate all my fellow citizens . There is room in Turkey Bayburt neighborhood alone . Anane in Bayburt , which has become our neighborhood that all our rooms are available. Our district headmen rooms cleaner, more spacious, more eager to warm up . These are the spaces that connects socially Bayburtlular . Our wedding and engagement ceremony with our saddest day in our room we met . Tell us where you are in Turkey this feature I appreciate everyone if I have met . Dear our valued as citizens of our governor along with our mayor , I believe that doing great service to our country . We have Bayburtlu the governor and the mayor will support until the end . God help you , \"he said .
\"Last Day of our always Cementing Gone \"
then gave a speech Mayor Memiş the following statements replied:
\"Feast of the person , family, your , Bayburt'u us , Turkey'Faithful to our name and all of humanity that is to be updated and peaked shape of rapprochement with the hope to live . We had always bitter end our feast ; Our Baramiya Ramadan was bitter , despite some improvement in our Baramiya bitter victim . Because of the geography of Islam and Turks in the world of tears , blood still did not stop . We are from God in prayer and supplication , it stops as soon as the blood and tears are flowing . \"
\"As Mayor I will back this up, \"
\"Enis said in his speech , as our teacher ; slightly reduced and the wedding convoy in the economic sense instead to help with the wedding on behalf of our Bayburt'u is a pleasing situation . Bayburt, as Mayor I will support this idea until the end .
\"Our unity and integrity of our Bayburt'u will be of interest to the throne of our hearts \"
I see one more thing worth repeating ; Our Bayburt'u Anatolia is one of the ancient city . In fact, one of the four ancient cities are Bayburt . Bayburt connected to the roots of this tradition alive , but at the point of integrating past and future , and will endeavor to make every effort . Bayburt'u with our culture , the history of the modern world to attain without breaking the bonds on behalf of urbanization going to do everything in our behalf I express. Unity and integrity of our Bayburt'u our hearts in our throne will bring . \"
\"Ever More Unity We Need \"
Finally, a speech, the Governor Yusuf Odabaş, unity and togetherness emphasis on doing as follows spoke:
\"Today is our day a happy and blessed Eid we are celebrating together in awe . The hearts desire , the same in the Islamic world peace , but peace , but that he could love . We always knew , festivals ; unity, togetherness , solidarity, love, peace and harmony are our holy days . Knowing the importance of the holy days we are celebrating our feast , but one is referring to our union . Our plans of our union is organizing a team to corruption . We say , as in Bayburt, as well as various other cities than ever , we need more unity and solidarity . If you disrupt the unity and solidarity , peace, and we break our trust , our state and our nation broke that trust and that we can not achieve peace , we can not continue . For him, this feast days of peace , unity and solidarity would like to emphasize .
\"Unity and we corrupts this Part we also we can do is gone, \"
\"We are a great empire left behind a small part of. Established in Anatolia that we our state , nation, has been set up . beraberliğimiz Union and corrupts this part of our society as we have gone . now a tiny Anatolia took refuge . country our citizens'unity and solidarity within the country , state and nation, respecting the vitality resume you . We, one of us love we have . Prophet ; \"Faith , unless heaven can not enter each other sevmedik as well have believed you can not . \"he commands . So, we do a one of us love we have . you love each other , unless we divide our country crumble if outside forces , the enemy of the game was in turn are . these countries Allah bless our hands do not stay . every thing before unity and our need here that I want to mention . \"
\"All our country Bayburt Sampling Required \"
in his speech, the national poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy's cooperation and unity to the emphasis verses read Governor Odabaş, their sense of unity and solidarity of Bayburt live in a very nice manner and that this matter should take all of our country drew attention to examples of Bayburt .


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