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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:48

Baykan:\"Actions of Family Physicians Results Verdi \"

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Adiyaman President of the Association of Family Physicians Dr.

Adıyaman news: Murtaza Baykan, noted that the consequences of their actions ongoing since 6 months related to the hold in the emergency department.
Ministry of Health Seizures Circular despite stating that they do act repellent seizures in emergency Murtaza Baykan , said that the justification for it. Photo bikers , Health Ministry of the bag with the laws in April 2014 to implement the shock, the general in the seizure application-country family physician as a result of the action to go to guard told you flop . Photo bikers , made the following statement on the subject:< br/> \"Family medicine, law and world family medicine practice with diametrically the opposite promulgation of this circular subsequently , Adiyaman simultaneously with all family medicine associations in dorm Family Physicians reaching all of our family physician who in our city office in the Association for've done are informed about seizures circular and drawbacks. taking the decision not to participate in the seizure , we have made a press statement. we organized one-day work stoppages . Participate in seizure rate in May was held almost as close to zero. Currently seizures continue to participate in our rate of 70 percent .
Of this circular , another story has come out of their subjects actually occur . Our country all over the world including 6 months as of this day's work was done go to action for the first time family physician. In normal circumstances, an officer immediately initiated an investigation about to go to work even though one day and they are absolutely fine. Although the past 6 months , what about us opened an investigation , criminal proceedings nor was performed . This is a result of nature proves us a sense haklılığı .
Ministry of Health unplanned and unscheduled as and provincial consultation from the right that is put into practice and contrary to seizures practice of law since even the first day is born dead and was unsuccessful. Last bag with their family physician to family law, health centers is still not being implemented seizures application was brought . Infrastructure and can not be compared with hospitals in terms of facilities so low after working for the family health centers , our patients and to provide emergency services, it is obvious that result in consequences that can not be compensated in terms of our both physicians .
Our country Düzce begin with and we have surpassed the tenth year family medicine practice , unfortunately, now it has lost its forward progress. Family medicine in our country started after vaccination and follow-up are increased to the highest rate is reduced to the lowest level in the history of the infant and maternal mortality in the country. A country's level of development is calculated by looking at the mother and infant mortality rates. Service quality of family health centers has increased. An average of 500 thousand patients in Europe fell by family physicians in our country, this number is around 3 thousand 500 . We have 3 times more workload when compared to our European colleagues, we are getting less charge 3 times , even attracted the interest of their country and come to our visit we have made to examine . Health spending has dropped to historical low value. Are family physicians who managed this without a doubt . \"

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