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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:20

Bayramlaşma in Osmaniye

Bayramlaşma in Osmaniye
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Traditionally held in Osmaniye citizens holy protocol was carried out.

Osmaniye news: Republic Square, held in the holy Umeda Governor Kerem Al and members of the protocol Osmaniye and bayramlaştı .
Governor Kerem Al , here in his speech of peace , brotherhood, love, respect and tolerance , symbolizing the feast , people looking for peace , the joy of increased , hope awakens , distress and away from concerns that , cooperation , solidarity and national-spiritual feelings that culminated in a special position having said that day was exceptional . Al , \"People mainstream society, which integrates the holidays, as a nation we have values, community life, revitalization and transmitted to new generations an opportunity to should be considered. This festive occasion, our country's peace and security , the country's territorial integrity for the sake that we martyrs and veterans of our compassion and gratitude , mentioning their families patience and fortitude wish left behind, they take ownership and get them on every occasion to visit we fall into a priority task to remind you that I want . these feelings and thoughts ; national unity and solidarity within the enthusiasm and joy of our continuing and increasing the wishes, valued colleagues and Osmaniyeli compatriot my Eid-ul-congratulations , greetings and best regards , \"he said .
Program Mayor Kadir Black , Garrison Commander Colonel Shafiq Attack , Central Governor Zeki Sanal , AK Party deputy Suat Onal and stopped Mehmet Kastal , Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Tayfur Dundar Provincial police Chief Hussein Yenice , Mufti Ramazan Çortul , managers of public institutions , political parties and civil society representatives and citizens attended .
Bayramlaşma under the program Governor Al and members of the protocol Osmaniye State Hospital, police house , the gendarmerie and the police headquarters staff after the holy Ozden visited the nursing home .


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