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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:43

Bayramlaşma on Sundays

Bayramlaşma on Sundays
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Markets in the district of Kütahya 1st day of Eid al-Adha municipalities in Republic Square in tea gardens as well as in each batch holy feast was held.

Kütahya news:
Bayramlaşma to Markets Governor Asim left-handed , Markets Mayor Cavite Erdogan, Garrison Commander Kamil Trumpets , Police Chief Ahmet Yasar , the AK Party Markets County Chairman Bilal blacksmith, MHP District Mayor Osman Ünal , the Felicity Party District Chairman Bilal Selcuk, city council members Kütahya General Assembly members , neighborhood and village headmen , other cities and towns served Pazarlarlı and citizens attended .
Bayramlaşma ceremony Markets Governor Asim left-handed , \"Sundays at the Feast of the Sacrifice of love and brotherhood at the highest level is felt that , our humanity to each other firmly clamped to be orphans and the needy for everyone friendly hand would extend the national unity and solidarity of values ​​that provide all aspects will be experienced as the days pass , I hope. loving and peaceful, nice holidays Wishing all of our citizens , Eid congratulations , respect and love I offer , \"he said . < br/> then the protocol with the Police Authorities in the holy ceremony attended garrison commander . Police Chief of police and the military in command of the garrison were celebrating the feast .


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