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  • 26 Ekim 2012, Cuma 11:18

Bayramlaşmaya October 29 stamp

Bayramlaşmaya October 29 stamp
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AK Party and the Republican People's Party representatives came together for the purpose of holy.

CHP Deputy Chairman Umut Oran, President of the Youth Wing of the Party Assembly member Emre Dogan and Erdoğdu Seyhan, the AK Party members were the guests.

Umut Oran, the plane delayed due to the bayramlaşmaya do not attend. Emre Dogan message conveyed by Oran:"This festival could not have been together, but let's be together in front of the Parliament on October 29."Secretary-General of the AK Party Haluk Ipek the"separation, not gayrılık the festival should be celebrating together,"he said.

RPP bayramlaşmaya was the first delegation from the AK Party. The topic of holy detention deputies and to be elected October 29 Republic Day consisted of age. PM a member of Seyhan Erdoğdu holidays unity and wished to strengthen feelings of brotherhood and peace to the country, wanted to come to peace.

AK Party Deputy Secretary General Haluk Ipek at the end of the problems experienced in Turkey and around the Muslim world wishes. Oran's post on the Silk,"The two met feast. Unity, solidarity is very important in terms of. Republic, Atatürk's legacy to us. Republic Day, the separation is not gayrılık.'s Day should be celebrating together. Political without have to celebrate together. There are different ways of responses."gave money.

RPP PM a member of the Seyhan River Erdoğdu today to celebrate holidays and the Republic Mustafa Kemal stated that they are owed. Who say Emre Dogan, deputies detained and arrested the students said they wanted to be together. Dogan,"More of unity in the hope to live religious and national holidays,"he said.

AK Party Deputy Secretary General Haluk Ipek, prisoner in the judiciary, noting that the issue of attorneys as soon as possible before the end of the trial process wishes. Erdoğdu,"I hope Christmas intellectuals, journalists are with us."He said. Silk on it,"Appreciation of the judiciary."He said.

Subject was later elected to lower the age to 18. Silk, wanted to support young people in this regard. Parties wanted the age of 18, the CHP wants to remind Silk and 21 years of age, more lush sound from removing CHP asked young people in this regard.

Emre Dogan said that the whole process has completed 21 years of age to be elected by the countries, in the UK 21, France 23, he recalled. Should be discussed at the age of 18 that a little more Dogan, military law, discussed the issue were resolved, noting that the introduction of constitutional amendments.

Haluk Ipek also stressed olunamayacağını agree on everything. After the AK Party, DSP delegation headed by Deputy Chairman Tuncer Ertürk, the CHP has bayramlaşmaya. Erturk, 29 October Republic will participate in celebrations with Masum Turker said DSP Chairman, Republican reception by President Abdullah Gul, not only represented in Parliament to invite the parties criticized the thought of it is a jump, he said. Let them march that there would be October 29 Ertürk,"Everybody's got to be there. Against the Republic continues to exist. Some friends are not aware of it."He said.

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