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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 18:36

BBP'li Muhsin Yazicioglu from Riflemen Death Claims:

BBP'li Muhsin Yazicioglu from Riflemen Death Claims:
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BBP Deputy Chairman Osman Tüfekçi , in connection with the death of Muhsin Yazicioglu said that the secret witness a soldier discharged from the army .

Zonguldak news: Photo Zonguldak Eregli district of Grand Unity Party (BBP ) 10th ordinary congress was held . Congress , BBP Deputy Chairman Osman Tüfekçi , FMC Member of the Day Scholar , Bolu Province President Mahmoud Field , Chairman of Zonguldak Province Taner Yildirim , as well as a large number of the members of the organization . BBP Speaking at the Photo Congress Vice President Tüfekçi , Muhsin Yazicioglu'with regard to the death \"after the accident can easily say that there is a chain of assassinations . you know about this case the output of anonymous witnesses . this is the secret witness Soldier , the army was put in ,\"he said . Photo BBP Kdz . Ereğli District Chairman Nizamettin in his speech at the congress Halıcıoğlu , gave information about the activities of party members to the organization . Ereğli economy of Virtue and the privatization of the TA, deteriorated after the closure of the shipyards that expresses Halıcıoğlu said Zonguldak who contributed to the city now had become a retired city. In the Photo Talk BBP'nin Founder Chairman Muhsin Yazicioglu's death and the aftermath Tüfekçi claims put forward about the events , said the soldier discharged from the army, the secret witness in connection with the accident. In gunsmith speech, \"After the accident, we can easily say that it was an assassination chain . Anonymous witnesses came about this case . This secret witness who soldier was discharged from the army. After the incident, we have determined, after an hour and 59 minutes of the accident there is an air mobility . But you know that , was reached after 3 days. this means that the current government , the General Staff of that time , at that time intelligence officials who know these things , they were aware of everything at least after the accident. this we know. and that is currently in court. Although the special courts have been abolished, though, although this government, even though this topic pad under progress, we will never give up the continuation of this case as the Great Union Party members . nobody,'I wonder if this case remains ends at under pad'you may think .'ll do whatever until the end . \"Photo Speaking after the completion of the congress was elected to go with a single list Nizamettin list management in Halıcıoğlu presidency.

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