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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:35

BCCI , Pulse of the Economy Bursa Every Month Councillors in keeping with His Polls

BCCI , Pulse of the Economy Bursa Every Month Councillors in keeping with His Polls
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Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( BCCI) continues the survey carried out in order to keep the pulse of the business world.

Bursa news: According to the survey of business representatives, which also includes 1 Bursa said that the region needs the new incentive policies. The Photo BCCI members of the Assembly , was administered survey . Bursa business representatives,'How does that happen when you work in the last quarter of the year compared with the previous period of the year ? \"Question, with 49 percent'year under the previous section', with 35 percent'year takes place as history department', while 16 per cent'in the history section according passes better'was the answer . Business representatives,'Are you going to reach your sales budget in 2014 ? \"Is the question with 23 percent'sales will exceed the budget', 28 percent'will reach the sales budget'and 49 percent'will remain below the sales budget,'he answered . Photo 1 .BÖLG to'< strong> tHE NEW NEED GRANTS hAVE Photo'your sales in 2014 shows how many percent ? \"is the question of business representatives, with 43 ​​percent'no increase'she replied . Jobs increased by less than 5 percent of those who think that if the rate was 20 percent. The percentage of sales increased over 10 percent and 22 percent stayed in . Business representatives, \"Have you benefited from any public assistance program teşvik-in 2014 ?\"Is the question with 78 percent'no'she replied . 87 percent of the company also thinks it needs to Bursa's new promotion policy , within the 1 for the region. Photo COMPANIES , 2015 TA INTERNAL MARKET TARGETS Photo BCCI members of the Assembly Turkey's found in the assessment of the economic growth target of 4 percent in 2015. 41 percent of the world's business representative, said the goal \"ambitious and unattainable'is thinking, 51 percent of'reasonable and achievable', and 8 percent'inadequate and overcome'he replied. According to the survey , 48 percent of firms , plans to focus only on the domestic market in 2015 . 28 percent plan to focus with the domestic and foreign markets , and the ratio will give weight to exports was 24 percent. Photo CENTRE A NEW REDUCTIONS EXPECTED Photo Bursa business representatives , september giving a break to cut interest rates in October and is waiting for a new discount from the Central Bank . Proportion of those who should maintain the Central Bank's interest rate cut in the coming months , while 71 per cent , while the proportion of respondents who stated that interest rates stayed at 29 percent against . BCCI 2014 year-end forecast for the USD , while members of the Assembly between 2,10-2,25 TL and expectations for the Euro 2014 final was held in 2,90-3,00 range . 68 percent of the business representatives also believe that the success of the solution process will be decisive in Turkey's economic growth.

BCCI , Pulse of the Economy Bursa Every Month Councillors in keeping with His Polls" comments for.


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