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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 12:18

BCCI , went to America to meet with Nasa

BCCI , went to America to meet with Nasa
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Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( BCCI) Aerospace and Defense ( ICD ) Cluster members , NASA, major companies such as Boeing and Airbus went to America to visit .

Bursa news:
Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( BCCI) Aerospace and Defense ( ICD ) Cluster members from 18 companies in America, NASA, major companies such as Boeing and Airbus will monitor the production process . Will be held between October 20 to 26 , which is the first stop of the trip NBAA Aviation Trade Show in Orlando , which will join the members , then the NASA Space Center in Houston will be a special visit . TCA Houston Consulate and Commercial Attaches visit after the BCCI delegation Houston by the Consulate General will be given will attend a reception .
American aerospace the most important innovative companies and one of the Fatih Ozmen and Eren Ozmen owned Sierra Nevada Corporation ( SNC) firm will organize technical visits BCCI UHS Cluster members also can be performed with the company to exchange ideas about partnerships . Airbus Alabama Plant production process monitoring capabilities to capture the BCCI members of the Alabama Governor's hospitality program after the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing in Everett Washington factory will examine .
BCCI UHS Kümelenmesi'yl cluster aims to increase the knowledge and experience of the members stated that they UHS President of the Council and Cluster Leader Dr. Mustafa Hall, \"aerospace and defense industry that can work with our member firm clustering due under the same roof were collected. Our Members clustering thanks and their own work and collaboration while increasing both interviews realized with the companies linked. Clustering with our members in the United States aerospace, aviation and defense in the world to have a say organizations will visit . performed this organization and our firms in particular appointment NASA and American aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus as the leading companies visiting the companies'production processes on-site inspection facilities're going to get , \"he said .
Furthermore, the visit some of the members the opportunity to cooperate with capture , adding that the Hall, \"UHS cluster members each in the world in their respective fields who owns the firms to be carried out interviews and Gökmen Project, related to both aerospace studies on how to make a contribution, they will examine . These visits and meetings will be held the expansion of the horizon of our members think is important , \"he said .

BCCI , went to America to meet with Nasa" comments for.


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