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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Mayıs 2013, Cumartesi 16:20

BDP Co-Chair Kışanak:Persistent want peace

BDP Co-Chair Kışanak:Persistent want peace
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Co-Chairman of the BDP Gültan Kışanak, Adana, asked for support for the resolution process.

office Seyhan Karasu, including Öcalan posters halay rally participants drew drums and reeds. Speaking at a rally Kışanak, peace, work, cross now the historic opportunity for those who want a good assessment of democracy, he said. Kışanak said,"We want a lasting peace, and social. Weapons silence, a move paving the way for a lasting peace, but can be non-conflict. Permanent and honorable peace, to build a democratic future in a much stronger now, we have capability to fulfill our mission."she said.

Kışanak pointing to the existence of a historical responsibilities, noted that lasting peace can occur in an environment recognition of rights and the law. Kışanak,"Now the democratic politics of the people, we load on the shoulders, rights, liberties, to carry out a powerful way to win a struggle for democracy. Guys in this square today, I believe that in this heat just go with the love of freedom. Freedom we earn, our language, our identity kaldıracağımız barriers; everyone's language, identity, culture of peace we desire to be proud of."he spoke.

in the successful completion of the process will be free of all peoples in Turkey, emphasizing the Kışanak,"Turkish, Kurdish, Arab side by side with everyone, the rights and remedies used by fraternal We need to build a democratic republic. Everyone to work, this democratic call to participate in the process of salvation. all the peoples of Turkey, I invite you to build a democratic republic. one can not avoid this task."said.

lessons kandıramayacağını informing the Kurdish people are working well and no one else Gültan Kışanak, said:"Keep Your Heart spacious. Believe in yourself. Relying on our people set off. Concerns, put aside the doubts, the startup period of a glorious democratic struggle. You guys this I am invited to participate in a walk in the most powerful way. know that, as always, will lead us. Democratic in the process of liberation will lead. Your way, way to get open."Co-Chair Kışanak:permanent peace BDP istiyoruz BDP Co-Chair Kışanak:Lasting peace BDP Co-Chair Kışanak:Lasting peace BDP Co-Chair Kışanak:Lasting peace

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