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  • 16 Temmuz 2013, Salı 14:26

Be careful when making your choice!

Be careful when making your choice!
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Bursa Nilüfer Educational Institutions General Manager Ali Dilitatlı, LYS choices made after 2013 results found important advice to candidates. LYS 2013 announced the results of 313 871 thousand attendees. LYS prefer the excitement swept through the results of the students.

General Manager Ali Dilitatlı

Lotus Education Institutions, the university and the department will shape the lives of future candidate selection, noting that 'the candidate should be aware of in order to avoid a further period unhappy. Profession today and in the future will be sent to the candidate choice. Future profession, the profession of concern for money or job choices do not like the candidate to read a section of causing or dislikes. This also brings disappointment and unhappy life of a business."He said.

Warned Ali Dilitatlı Failure to prefer dead, 'Which profession Test yourself fondly as I do. Sort the list of occupations can be sent. Learn the definitions of employee occupational areas later on. Most students chose the profession because they do not know exactly what you're doing. Stay for a while next to it so that it can send the job of those who observe. However, the most important selection criteria when choosing the profession should not be guaranteed or your money. 'In the form to make suggestions.

Preferred while emphasizing the importance of taking the opinion of the consultant Dilitatlı teachers, the decision should not be read without seeing the university said.

8 The choice between candidates wishing success for the period of July-18 Dilitatlı, 'that will shape the rest of your life, and you can do it yourself without being influenced by anyone in the test.' voiced.

Be careful when making your choice!" comments for.


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