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  • 23 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 09:54

"Be patient per year 2-3 times normal"

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Mersin University (MEI), Faculty of Medicine, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Diseases Department Head.

Mersin news: Mersin University (MEI), Faculty of Medicine, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Diseases Department Head. Dr.. Murat Ünal, healthy person 2-3 times a year ill can be expressed,"The immune system is a good thing. Immune system actively going on. Ever get sick of not one thing, namely ourselves very preserving live another problem reveals"he said. Cold weather can bring
disease in statements to reporters about the UAV Prof. Dr.. Murat Ünal, one should be careful in cold print, he said. In particular, the flu, colds, otitis media, such as diseases in this period increased a lot said Unal,"Nowadays, most of us most of these complaints citizens coming. Course, these viruses from the disease. So these are the wrong treatment should to be. Treatment of this disease of the antibiotic but also lighter than treatment with drugs should be,"he said.
"NORMAL TO BE PATIENT 2-3 times a year"
healthy patients 2-3 times a year would be the highlight of every human Unal,"Every seasons, especially in spring and autumn migrations do people 2-3 times get sick. This normally ill will. these for our immune system a ways a good thing. immune system actively going on. This not a bad thing. fact no ill avoid such a thing as too sterile live, so much to ourselves by protecting the people living in other problems involved. fact, every person 2-3 times gets sick. But for normal people. regular people become sick. ordinary people like flu illnesses spend and this is not a bad thing it is. provides a certain strength to the immune system,"he said.
Unal who want to consume plenty of fluids during this period, he continued :"Ö especially warm, so very warm stuff but warm run out of things we need to. warm beverages must also natural products that we recommend. Tea can be, but tea also excessive consumption, especially smuggled tea we say in them what items are fully it do not know it could be harmful. A tea in women, especially anemia can do. One aspect careful we need to be. Herbal teas can, but always familiar ground to be taken. plant tea while using herbal tea as a medicine should not see. Leaf Tea is not a drug. Both fluid intake helps a little smell and taste, people can relieve that. yacht where we are very important. Yacht our environment is dry to the'll note. you or the environment that is dry environment to moisturize required. Yachts of where humidity is also important. Aside from that already in our region citrus region because vitamin C I would recommend. Oranges and tangerines juice would recommend. grapefruit juice always careful we are using. grapefruit because some of the drugs in the body destruction can reduce. therefore that drugs in the body to toxic levels can reach. course these drugs we use vary according to. therefore if you take medications grapefruit need to be careful. Some drugs toxic to dust Note that you need to come. Tangerines and oranges and grapefruit have no such problem but. these drugs can cause poisoning."

"Be patient per year 2-3 times normal"" comments for.


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