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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:17

Bear in Kastamonu Nightmare Continues

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In Kastamonu , a bear, try to remove the body from the grave new buried .

Kastamonu news: In Kastamonu , before the grave the body remove eater months after that somewhere else try to remove the bodies of the month new buried in the grave he said. Photo Kastamonu attached to the center three days ago in the village cemetery in Dokuzkat village buried 87-year-old ZELIHA T. tomb bears was destroyed by . Late at night I came to the cemetery new burial tomb of the month starting digging , it was claimed that miss in the village dogs. When it comes to read the Quran Quran per
grave has been destroyed by bears grave was found . Peasants, Forestry and Water Affairs to the 10th Regional Directorate of Kastamonu Province Branch teams , a close photo of the grave situation was created on the report closed. Month again tombs beside standing teams above could destroy came , after having determined the bear to shut foto they established numbing be provided to move to another area. Photo indicating in recent months that they are uneasy in Kastamonu due to overlapping experienced bear cases Dokuzkat Village Headman Mehmet Güler , but the said they were worried about coming back to the beginning of the grave. Photo Funeral November 9 Sunday Headman explaining that they bury Guler, \"When we come to read the Koran to the beginning of Monday morning the grave , we found the graves have been destroyed and around the bear tracks. towards his month we thought. Then we notify the National Parks team. They have our village came foto trap set up . currently trying to identify the month , \"he said . photo ZELIHA T's 87 years old and that age because that expresses died Guler, \"the month , only guess that the sticker body open grave , we attribute to be close to the cemetery of the village. the night dog , bear bother coming here because it may not have been time to linger over the month . Due to a new more mevt embedded in the drawing may have more interest. Because the bear, do not eat fresh meat , rancid meat. So this month, the more you can expect the newly buried corpse smell \"Photo Guler, for the first time in the village continued his speech by stating that such an event:\"Around us, not previously experienced such an event. Bear eating corpses to open the tomb , an event we have not met before. Bear, human settlements until the stroke of the villagers , I attribute much to go to the forest to hunt . Because it comes in pigs in the vicinity of our village . We expect in the year of the pig farm corn in 2-3 months . This situation uncomfortable , we expect help from our state. \"Photo On the other hand , the days on Networked months of Yağlıca neighborhood of the town , came to the cemetery had eaten remove a person's body that was buried 50 days ago. Through another month after passing a short time, three days before he left corpses buried without grave because of the fresh and is expected to arrive for a while then said body in the same grave .

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