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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:15

Bear Yemeni Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Taiz University Rector Welcomed

Bear Yemeni Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Taiz University Rector Welcomed
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Bulent Ecevit, the University is conducting a new study of internationalization added .

Zonguldak news: IPPs coming to Turkey to visit Yemen Dhekr Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Taiz Abdualmalek Mutah University Rector Dr. Mohamed Saeed Alshaiby IPPs and held talks in the various studies .
First Rector on 29 September 2014 Dr. Mahmut Ozer visiting Deputy Minister of Mutah and Rector Alshaiby higher education in Turkey related to the work carried out to examine and bilateral cooperation to develop the IPPs visited they said.
Visiting Yemen on Higher Education of the Ministry of studies describing the Deputy Minister of Mutah in Turkey higher education in the area of ​​huge advances have been made , stressing that \"Yemen's Ministry before the developments in Turkey's experience in this field , combined with higher education quality , especially in many different title cooperation to create in Turkey these visits are done. Turkish higher education need within the country and internationally platforms of important developments where a large system has been transformed into the case . Bulent Ecevit University is your country , this work the most important centers one of the managed to become a higher education institution . both Bulent Ecevit University recently conducted a successful operation and that we are taking the steps as well as University Rector Dr. Mahmut Ozer taken on the quality of vocational training and higher education nationally and internationally for his work tasks and the reason we chose to have Zonguldak . Our aim in particular with the University of Bulent Ecevit, Turkey and Yemen Yemeni universities in general higher education system is to improve the coordination and cooperation . University of correctly detected the direction and speed of internationalization efforts and vision for the future is important and in this regard the work carried out here examine in situ , we want to provide mutual experience and knowledge transfer . Here to take our mutual steps a final result , not as of this visit would take place after an extensive collaboration as the first step should be evaluated , \"he said .
After the meeting, BEI central campus observations in the team September 30, 2014 on the various contacts in the Health Campus visited . herein Science and Technology Research Center examining the Deputy Minister of Mutah and Rector Alshaiby'y , Center Deputy Director Prof. Dr. Ahmet Gold and Asst. Assoc. Jülide beats were accompanied . Centers studies conducted in about experts informed by the delegation presented here about the services received information. Sciences and Technology Center , then BEA Health Application and Research Center said Yemeni delegation here, Chief Medical Assoc. Dr. Kemal There I Numanoğlu Hospitals and Regional Director Asst. Assoc. Dr. Mustafa by silver in disclosures were made . especially into new services intensive Care Unit and in a short time , which will enter service by examining Cancer diagnosis and Treatment Centre received information about these units Dhekr Yemeni Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Taiz Abdualmalek Mutah University Rector Dr. Mohamed Saeed Alshaiby then went to the Faculty of Dentistry . Here , Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Dr. Fasting and Vice Dean M. Selcuk . Assoc. Dr. Seda Genghis training and practice with information about the activities of the delegation to sign cooperation agreements , then they left the health campus .
BEA Rector Dr. University Rector Prof. Mahmut Ozer and Taiz Dr. Mohamed Saeed Alshaiby Rector's office on 30 September 2014 in preparing the ground for bilateral cooperation protocol signed Mevlana . At the signing ceremony transferring the opinion Taiz University Rector Dr. Alshaibly \"Bulent Ecevit and Taiz University signed between the protocol between the two institutions together to develop projects at the point of good faith was put into writing state I consider . University in your country carried higher education studies to be a part of the great pleasure and are proud . Bilateral cooperation with the execution of works that our institutions are at today point further to the transport at the point of dealing with our great contribute believe. Zonguldak for two days, continuing our contacts are extremely valuable experience we have acquired . Bulent Ecevit University education, research and community service in an exemplary institution of higher education features exhibits. here the information we obtain mutual business our union first concrete as a result we are evaluating . here we meantime all our contacts managers of the units by the great kindness and attention we were greeted with . themselves and Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ozer hospitality thank him for , the important work to sign on to hope, \"he said.
Protocol Dhekr at the signing ceremony , Deputy Minister of Higher Education in Yemen Abdualmalek Mutah and Mohamed Saeed Taiz University Rector Rector Says Thank You to Alshaiby'y Dr. Mahmut Ozer the \"Higher education institutions have produced values ​​of national and international stakeholders and to share give great importance . Countries in this area of ​​the distance traveled , the higher education institutions of international cooperation to develop and work to make the point has a responsibility . We Bulent Ecevit University as our road map when assessing internal visions Besides inter-university studies an important place devided . Taiz University and have signed the protocol in this sense, an extremely important step I consider . university of a wide range of work carried out in the international stakeholders is being followed by that , we are happy when our responsibilities are increasing . Yemen Higher Education Deputy Minister Dhekr to Abdualmalek Mutah and Taiz University President Mohamed Saeed Alshaiby'n University visit from the great happiness heard . them for visits to thank our relationship further development needed to carry out the work honored that we want to express , \"he said .
signing ceremony, Rector Dr. Mahmut Ozer Dhekr Yemeni Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Abdualmalek Mutah University President Mohamed Saeed Taiz to Alshaiby'y ended by offering various gifts .


Bear Yemeni Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Taiz University Rector Welcomed" comments for.


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