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  • 29 Mart 2013, Cuma 08:49

Beauty Shop!

Beauty Shop!
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The past winter, these days, to go shopping for summer beauty what do you think?

dark, snow, rain, mud, cold, it's over. Your hair is raised wire wool, polyester, cotton Your clothes tiril tiril Ready to move? Summer is not just a wardrobe, skin and hair care products, the changing season. Here are the latest trends in summer from head to toe ready to enter the blended shopping tips:


Transition to the colors of the rainbow!

2 EM Bring your hair spring!

3 Skin care!

4 2013 spring/summer makeup trends!

Bordeaux lipstick, it still continues to charm and domination. Red tones, burgundy and maroon colors, the most popular ones. But to achieve the natural look make makeup makyajsızmışçasına choice of the year again. This thick eyebrows, complete naturalness. So innocent and silky skin, a young girl in the mood, that view has not been completed eyebrows. Eye makeup is the naturalness still fashionable. Your eyes are bright shades are applied to the eyelid to make it look more natural. Instead of painting the eyelids, eye lines underneath the eye belirginleştirecek discarded. Eyelashes longer and fuller, again, that is significant enough to attract the eyes gaze and attention will bring to the fore.

Add to list everything that you need, you can also enter the spring and summer, be prepared. Beautiful shopping!

About the Author: Sarah Altun ,
EM freelance writer and editor. Tomorrow,
Young Woman, Mother and Child magazines such as EM
has written various articles on beauty and travel.

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