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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:50

Became the first visitor of the City Council of the Association for Bozüyük Pazaryerili

Became the first visitor of the City Council of the Association for Bozüyük Pazaryerili
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Bozüyük Pazaryerili Association President Ali Şahinoğlu visited Bozüyük City Council in conjunction with the board members .

Bilecik news: Photo of about 20 people who came to visit with members of the association were found in hope to get better Tekelioğlu City Council President Muzaffer with the Executive Board members. Bozüyük City Council visit to the newly created City Council that took place in the work office , City Council President Muzaffer Tekelioğlu , City Council Deputy Chairman Mustafa Flow , City Council Executive Board member Mehmet Doğan Bronze , Heroes of Pearl and City Council General Secretary were present Levent Knob .
city ​​Council President Muzaffer Tekelioğlu , association officials told the council by the establishment of relevant stages . Tekelioğlu \"Bozüyük City Council will serve as a bridge between local governments and citizens. Represent the Bozüyük cities, especially non-governmental organizations that mainly all institutions and organizations , residents in short, to improve people's living standards living in Bozüyük, seen or experienced disruptions is a structure that transmits the relevant institutions and organizations. in short Bozüyük lover is all the people's eyes and ears with . Each without which side of a political opinion , truth, good will efforts in voice and finding solutions . I implore my all institutions and organizations is to remain indifferent to this process. with council to create is We want to participate for us to be interpreter to the ideas of the public. We are Chairman of the Association primarily for the decency to visit Ali Şahinoğlu , Vice President Mecid Cakir the association board of directors involved with friends, I thank the members of the individual . in particular, major efforts in the establishment of Bozüyük Pazaryerili Association my gratitude to Mehmet Şahinoğlu . My side with and support for the unsparing Executive Board member and would like to thank the City Council, the Secretary-General , \"he said .
City Council Deputy Chairman Mustafa flow , especially children's parliament , women and disabled people gave information about the structure of the parliament. Mustafa Flow \"our children and our young people have a voice at a young age , and our schools choose to establish the procedures to be made aware of their democratic voting rights of each class we will create the child and youth council elections . Councils we will endeavor to be composed of people who can represent the public. We expect the support of all civil society organizations, especially our association , \"he said . In a short speech he
City Council Secretary General Levent Knob is made ​​, Gürsu Pazaryerili voiced his satisfaction because of the visit of the Association. Knocker \"City Council as an impartial manner Bozüyük the we will use our best endeavors to develop , \"he said . chat Photo at the end of the program and refreshments were made. he thanked officials of the Association because of the hospitality shown to the city Council President and Executive Board member .


Became the first visitor of the City Council of the Association for Bozüyük Pazaryerili" comments for.


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