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  • 20 Ekim 2013, Pazar 09:15

Bediuzzaman as Musa Anter course the answer!

Bediuzzaman as Musa Anter course the answer!
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Did you know that the answer to the question posed by Nursi and Musa Anter?

historian and writer Mustafa Armagan, Ustad Bediuzzaman Said Nursi on of memories, perhaps many people do not know shared.

Musa Anter, who was assassinated in a chat environment Ustad Bediuzzaman, "Reverend Sir, Melanin is the name I've heard since childhood Saidi Kurdi, and all were sympathetic to the Kurds. Now there every day takes you from the Turks, traps, crawlin up the courts, but not take you are still striving Turks are in heaven, this is how they work ... I do not understand." in the form addressed the question, he said.

Nursi to the question is"My child, a boy, you do not (understand) what I'm doing. Read and learn science." in the form of a lesson answer nature said that.

Gift,"the pro-Kurdish"Sticky Thread tribe of Said Nursi discrimination presented as"childhood"considers and go beyond it to the body of knowledge and a new synthesis on the basis of faith is busy bringing the memories I have learned once more tell us that it was passed.

Here Mustafa Armagan

Musa Anter was killed in 1992 by the deep state is an interesting reminder of Said Nursi Did you know that about? biographies of those who know this kind of information he knows certainly, but for some reason did not enter persist is.

However, what we find on Master can not publish? Pergelimizin a complete study about the life of his foot, but can reach such a wide open.

Said Nursi's books about his life ufkumuza shine a new light on one after the other, and each one involved. Biography, published on behalf of a child, the health of the"History-i Life,"except for one little green book Edip gezerdi Ashraf from hand to hand. Najm Şahiner prepared after an extraordinary effort"Last Witnesses"series (let's admit, however, that an institution be able to pull up to work with a wide range), and 66 I've learned has prepared a biography of the pressure.

Then Abdulkadir followers Thanksgiving next Badıllı'nın Vahide three-volume work, live and Y. Cemaledin The first volume of the works of Ahmed Akgündüz Beysülen'in Kenan and do not know the nice detail recently equipped with a table presented in this fertile lifespan.

First Showing gratitude we owe every effort to remember . However, life expectancy is still to be filled in this fertile nice honeycomb secret.

Tillo'ya my way when I recently visited Hasya Kümbeti'ni. This flattened under the dome Bediuzzaman"Kamus-ı Ocean"from the dictionary memorized the letter read Sin , but has never been destined to see.

just spent the period of seclusion under the dome this unpretentious conveyed this information to us which is not based on the mucus Hamza,"Kamus"Firuzabadi'ye and II of the author. Asim Mahmud Efendi Gaziantep which earned him our language, and from there by Said Nursi's younger brother sent to a nearby Tekken ants meals a month of sharing and prayer, he should come rükûya men I've met who watch so many scenes of stoning.

So it enstantaneyle Bediuzzaman's life is full of nice still waiting to be identified. In fact, I met him on the phone Najm Şahiner Sir Sticky Thread"History"in the past"Kiroğlif"'s village near Moscow for a while, and that was staying here while escaping from slavery, saying that Bediuzzaman a new boat available information ebru my memory has dropped was.

Musa Anter on the other hand, share memories of interesting memoirs published in 1991 with us. As far as a tidbit of info that are not books about the life of Bediuzzaman I wanted to share with you.

Bediuzzaman gave no answer worm ?

Musa Anter, once the"History of Islam"in his book that we know and Abdurrahim Zapsu Said Nursi's friends' that of the groom to remember. (Who Zapsu Abdurrahim? Bediuzzaman's captivity was lifted up against the knowledge of Russian officers known as the first to say that we owe people understand).

though the anther, Nursi 's on a completely Kurdishness but told us that the event, its"affirmative action line"in terms of bringing one another and from the outside by means of a witness is important.

Musa Anter "diameter all life will be filled with slabs sign itself voluminous,"said Bediuzzaman In 1945, an Istanbul court mentions that. (I think the author confused, because the Master will come to Istanbul in 1952 after 27 years of separation. Also in 1945, the collection will be listed below the Kurdish scholars Was it a house?) She writes:

"I was invited to a dinner at their home. Istanbul's Kurdish elite clergy had come all. For example, Arvasi Shafiq Sheikh, Sheikh Eminzade, Bitlis, Sheikh Mustafa, son of Abdulhakim Arvasi Arvasi Kadikoy Mufti Mekki, as Cemaledin Arvasi ... samovar tea after dinner chapter has begun in our region."

Chat darker

that extreme youth, saying that the Kurdish nationalist Musa Anter, Sticky Thread"suddenly and recklessly"question leads to Nursi. Kurdish says:

"Venerable Sir, I've heard since childhood the name Mela Saidi Kurdi, and all were sympathetic to the Kurds. Now there every day takes you from the Turks, traps, crawlin up the courts, but not take you are still striving Turks are in heaven, this is how they work ... I do not understand."

the face of this unexpected question Bediuzzaman"gushing eyes that light and knowledge, such as a projector,"Musa Anter and turned the"sweet smile""Home Ki Abdurehim to?"(He Who Abdurrahim ?), he asked Abdurrahim see Zapsu'ya. Zapsu"uncle", he master 'Musa Anter"My son, especially, come with me,"he urged read. Anther sits next to go. Nursi wraps her hand around his neck, kisses and says Kurdish to it:

"My son, more boy, you do not (understand) what I'm doing. Learn to Read Sticky Thread and knowledge."

I got to stand a little bit on the terse reply.

Both supporters, as well as some circles that the anti-Sticky Thread"Kurdish"Nursi's tribe discrimination presented as"childhood"considers and go beyond it new synthesis of science and faith, on the basis of the body is engaged in bringing these memories I once again have learned.

-Demonstrated the principle of action-

Said Nursi of Turkey's new peace program focused on science and faith, the most efficient method of positive (positive) will be moving. as a dervish in the person of ignoring the insults and outrages, but also never to compromise yapacaklarından accordance with the law of this program is seen as a procedure.

Indeed, Afyon Prison Pinning the windows close in absolute rulers kept in solitary confinement. Want to prevent prisoners greeting and conversation window. On top of that his students writes the following letter:

"Do not you ever wonder ... contrary myself busy with my frivolous and they would not Nurlara and much distress to his students, me, really, and my heart, and torture them, myself tâzib their betrayals, and a degree of Nurlara ilişmemeleri Nur and the cost of your cihetinde pleased."

Umumun leave, even for the benefit of the injustice done to the person of forgiveness, welcomed Nursi reader perhaps the history of the world, and their work is unique in terms of its proceedings to be his disciple. So much so that the People of faith is not a faith in order to make the service life of the mortal authorities and, if necessary, is prepared to sacrifice the life of the Hereafter, and even leave heaven to hell if you need to save some helpless agreed to enter into hell, so to say that the"crazy"dir.

turn heaven and hell to burn that ran a trail of burning down Rabiatü'l-Adeviye Is not His Holiness the words of our times?

Bediuzzaman as Musa Anter course the answer!" comments for.


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