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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 09:17

Bee Mortality in Ardahan

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Hanak, Ardahan district Dilekder village and around bee deaths were observed.

Ardahan news: All of bees and beekeeping in the village who Dilekder Photo of Fırat Polat died in 170 hives . Parker, \"170 had a hive bee . We met with the death of bees in one month ,\"he said . Photo Ardahan Beekeepers Association President Ilhan Evliyaoğlu , bees waste is engaging in examination of the Euphrates Polat purity , said that initiated the necessary work to be victimized by beekeepers. Evliyaoğlu , \"which belong to individuals when we came here on notice 170 hives we've given separately. That of bees in the hive , and that does not appear in the hive even of dead bees , we see that the bees hives abandoned . The queen bee is the only result of feeding by workers and worker bees because they are lonely and he's honeycomb have stayed on as dull . We've been here in the coming review our friends experts to investigate this. We do not know the reasons of bee deaths with current nominal . Erzurum samples we have received Regional Laboratory and Hacettepe University will send the Science faculty , Department of Biology . learned the cause of the bee deaths according to the results obtained here we will be , \"he said .

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