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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 05:43

Before Bloody Drug Lawsuit Settlement

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Drug trial before a house in Malatya in the conflict between the parties meet one person was stabbed seriously injured.

Malatya news: Photo Event , clock 03:40 waters of central Zawiya neighborhood , Ancarl has occurred in a house in the street Virtue Site. After midnight, the parties came together in the pre-trial hearing will be Malatya courthouse today after allegedly pulling off to sleep, leaving the house shortly before Ö.AT (22) says the suspect came home again Huseyin Cakmak ( 55 ) at the party fled wounding with a bread knife . Huseyin Cakmak , was seriously injured with stab wounds he received in the chest. Public Security Branch teams to the scene upon notification of a Photo Event , event ö.at'y of suspects detained by catching a short time. Scene from paramedics, ambulance picked up the injured party with the Malatya State Hospital. The injured person where the danger of life specified. Photo Police teams, located in the house during the event and took him to witness the 2 Branch of Public Security to contact their expression.
In the event of suspicious ö.at'n drug case , party friends with the opposite side that was put forward . Photo investigation into the incident continues .

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