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  • 12 Ağustos 2013, Pazartesi 15:48

Began a period of record high schools

Began a period of record high schools
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Science and Anatolian high schools, especially secondary schools, including the placement of students in schools and colleges score records began today. Original recordings were completed on Friday, 18-day replacement with an entry recording time.

Anatolia and science high schools, especially secondary education placement Placement exam with a score of grade school students and the schools began to records.

Level Placement Test, then the students should register in which schools earn school enrollment until the end of business hours on August 16 you need to take out.

won the ministry officials would lose the rights of students who do not enroll, and then do require registration underscores the need to wait for backup preferences.

earned students enrolled in the school will be announced after the ministry's web site on August 16 they want to backup the backup to another according to your preferences get registered at a school. yaptırılabileceğine

Experts also draws attention to points that every school record.

the way the records are private schools, private schools, public schools, but also began to date accurate records are then taken before the pre-registration.

SBS quota after the results of all science schools Anatolian high schools, especially public schools, 14 thousand dollars, including 291, 226 other schools with a total of more than 35 thousand of the 21 thousand quota remained empty. On the other hand, if the main and backup records

deadline will not register after this date will be August 29, schools will begin on September 16.

Began a period of record high schools" comments for.


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