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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2013, Cumartesi 18:33

Began to return from the Holy Land

Began to return from the Holy Land
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Airlines and Saudi pilgrims from Medina to Istanbul Ataturk Airport, greeted families.

Reverend pilgrims returning to his homeland of

Mazhar Gülen Fethullah Gulen's nephew took place. Mazhar Smiling, told reporters, Sticky Thread to fulfill Hajj, the holy land of holiday spending is a very nice feeling, he said.

Smiling,"We want everyone to see the table there.'s go after them thoroughly believed in it. everyone needs to see you go. Rahman, at the invitation of the people there, there, everything shared humanity that have lived as brothers, but the experience has not explained here can be learned thing. How many kinds of people do some kind of races in different languages, cultures bulunmaları there for one purpose, a very nice feeling to each other kırmamaları" he said.

pilgrims returning to his homeland Lily of the Publishing and Educational Equipment Co. General Manager Murat Bayram before going to Umrah, Hajj told the mission was fulfilled for the first time.

Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Turkish tourism agencies have moved very unprofessional to have witnessed the transfer Murat, thanked the authorities.

Abdulkadir Yildirim, who served a tour company since 1997, bringing the opportunity to perform Haj accessing said, thanks to the measures taken by Saudi Arabia, the first performs the pilgrimage as comfortable as once expressed it.

Began to return from the Holy Land" comments for.


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