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  • 14 Eylül 2014, Pazar 10:33

Being coughing Hernia

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Physical Therapy and Manipulation Specialist Dr.

Physical Therapy and Manipulation Specialist Dr. Ali Şahabettinoğl the body in its upright position can cause sneezing, drew attention to the herniated disc .
people about 80 percent of their lives in a certain period at least once low back pain who were exposed Şahabettinoğl , \"the Society in various parts of back discomfort that is so common in many countries, made ​​according to statistics, consult a doctor among the causes of low back pain , cold colds after the second ranks . waist pain, sudden onset , sharp or persistent restlessness can be annoying. lumbar region and the waist and coccyx between the transition zone can be seen that severe pain , single or double-sided hip to the rear face and buttocks, and sometimes the legs toward the spread. back pain is usually something heavy after you remove or the body's sudden departure as a reverse movement can occur , such as hard coughing and sneezing may also occur . chronic cough , spine and surrounding muscles by forcing the waist and neck hernia formation easier. So vertebrae cartilage from any action that increases the pressure inside increases the risk of back and neck hernia . Coughing or sneezing we need to bend our knees slightly , this behavior will reduce the pressure on our lower back . Even then, if possible, our one hand , or a place near the top of your leg to the hip dayama we would be even better . In short, standing upright to cough or sneeze is objectionable , \"he informed .
Daily life without even realizing we do many wrong move spine on our disability can lead to describing Dr. Ali Şahabettinoğl , the \"Frequent low back and neck pain , experiencing pain significantly increases and this pain daily activities if it interferes , without delay an expert examined by a doctor that is worth , \"he said .
Belden spread leg pain/numbness the herniated disc in the neck arm-hand hitting pain/numbness of the neck hernia causes would mean that the Şahabettinoğl , good a post-examination appropriate to start treatment stressed the need . Pharmaceuticals and recreation therapy is insufficient in cases where physical therapy is necessary, expressing Exp . Dr. Ali Şahabettinoğl in Bursa at their center back and neck hernia patients manipulation (manual physical therapy ) technique for many years is treated .
Manipulation during treatment , some with hands on waist area suppression, stretching , rotation, indicating that the implementation of such maneuvers Şahabettinoğl , hands to the use of any drug during treatment is usually needed told. This method of massage do with that classic western medicine treatment , indicating that the Şahabettinoğl in the world, most widely known and applied this method in Turkey started to spread , but the number of experts still be sufficient numbers , he said. Şahabettinoğl , manipulation therapy in mild cases 2-3 , 4-6 in moderate cases , and in extreme cases, if the treatment is applied 8-10 sessions at intervals of 3-5 days , adding that was made ​​.

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