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  • 08 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 13:54

Belongs to the Russians in the Syrian-Israeli border were seized Spy Base

Belongs to the Russians in the Syrian-Israeli border were seized Spy Base
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Free Syrian Army ( FSA ) , the Golan Heights on the Syrian-Israeli border, a few kilometers away from the Russian base used for spying was announced that they had found .

Şam news:
in Syria against the Assad regime struggling SAR , the Golan Heights near the Russian-Syrian ally, a secret information center conquered claimed that , while the base Syrian opposition and even nearby Israeli communications stalking used for the purpose specified.
American the Daily Beast news portal in the news , FSA officials, American officials and independent experts from Syria's border with Israel just a few kilometers away from the top that this is evidence for the presence of the Russian said. In the latter case it previously did not accept the Russian civil war in Syria would prove to be involved . Golan Heights is located adjacent bases , Damascus, to the south of Al Harahan near the city over the weekend, the ongoing conflict as a result of SAR by the conquered.
Free Syrian Army officials , the facility inside and outside the captured images where there is a large number of video in social media shared . Images and photos shared on social media in the Syrian intelligence units and the Russian GRU surveillance intelligence unit, representing Osnaz logos and marks are seen . Military and intelligence officials who visited the resort where you find a list and photographs of the SAR , which manages the base of the Russian staff photographs and a map showing the settlement of the Israeli troops were also issued . Israeli news sources , this early in the year , will be held possible Israeli air strike against Iran to warn Jordan, a large part of Iraq's west and Israel, the Russian surveillance and intelligence collection centers increases announced that .
U.S. defense officials they in a statement posted on the Internet the photo of Russian symbols are real , he said. At New York University Russian military and intelligence services expert Mark Galeotti , Osnaz a special unit that , \"Osnaz , the Russians are in this area is largely indicative . Because Syria easy for operation is not a region . These radio technical intelligence who are engaged in ,\"he said .
FSA spokesman Firas Al Havre area at the facility before the capture of Al Harahan in operation manages up to 15 Russian staff is seen , the staff of the regime losing control before you leave the area that they declaring \"Al Harahan mountain in the Russians two weeks ago flown by the regime in Damascus were taken \"he said.
according to initial reports a top Russian hardware documentation that came with the property in Israel , Saudi Arabia and Jordan are monitored in line .

Belongs to the Russians in the Syrian-Israeli border were seized Spy Base" comments for.


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