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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:37

Bem-Bir-Sen Branch Chairman Jacob Train Gundogdu Reassures

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Bem-Bir-Sen Branch Train Presidency, held its 5th Ordinary General Meeting.

İstanbul news: GÜNDOĞDU current President Jacob was re-elected president boosts confidence .
Union of Municipalities and Local Authorities Workers Union Train Bem-Bir-Sen Branch, 5th Ordinary General Assembly held in Karaköy Train Headquarters. General Assembly was made ​​in two list. Competed for Fair Colonel presided by current President Jacob GÜNDOĞDU . Photo Opening remarks activities performed after the reading of the report voting results in the current president Jacob GÜNDOĞDU was elected again as president .
For the new semester at the branch members who underlined that show the utmost Jacob GÜNDOĞDU , \"We started to compete in two lists. Praise our delegates has awarded us with this task. We know the problems of civil servants working in institutions and we come through them . We have been nominated to be hemhal the circumstances of our members and due to our satisfied our members so far, working us saw this task worthy again . relics of that they have given us , we will continue to serve them in the best way by being aware of the burden on our shoulders , \"he said . Photo 93 games GÜNDOĞDU Jacob in the General Assembly used 73 votes, while his opponent just Colonel had 19 votes . 1 votes were declared invalid while .

Bem-Bir-Sen Branch Chairman Jacob Train Gundogdu Reassures" comments for.


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