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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 18:46

Bem-Bir-Sen Branch of the 5th Ordinary General Meeting was held in Sakarya

Bem-Bir-Sen Branch of the 5th Ordinary General Meeting was held in Sakarya
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Bem-Bir-Sen Branch Chairman of the 5th Ordinary General Assembly of Sakarya , Bem-Bir-Sen was held with the participation of the President Turbay Mürsel .

Sakarya news: The General Assembly in speaking Turbay , \"Our Children Take care of , they may be in us , let them be with us goes into this side of the half way otherwise you and we are the stones are ,\"he said . Photo Adapazari Orhan Gazi Cultural Center at the congress Adapazarı Mayor Suleyman Gear's as well as the neighboring provinces Bem-Bir-Sen branch presidents, delegates and members attended. Photo Respect proceed with starting the protocol conversation with the attitude that makes a public speech in the establishment Bem-Bir-Sen Chairman Mürsel Turbay , \"In the past we did not have money , we had ideal but today both have money to shift our best we both hope ideals , in this country without losing our best , I think this community service is the meaning of burning with the love that you want to give what they are. not the winner of the fight , no one wins in a fight. here, what associations , which associations , foundations which whatever the structure of the two is this country will be damaged when he fought with each other , it is this society. We have to do not to break down , which is why the Officer-Sen our confederation and Bem-our one-Sen'i other Officer-Sen our union members to our confederation and especially my dear president as you all have a mission. For the peace of society , we must do what we can to make it to the unity and solidarity of society tranquility . We will not stand idly by , Allah does not love the free standing , not like a servant . We have our young people , we must educate our children. Remember that one of the most important issues currently our youth and our society at the moment one of annoyance. Everybody out with kids , let's have our young people . Let's keep the hands of our children , we went just kurtarmayal ourselves in the chat meeting . Let us not only where we went and preached sermons to put something into our own mind. Let's not forget our children , and we'll print our embrace our children. I embrace them , I sevelim them , Suppose , Opel and they're searching outside of us love and affection elsewhere. They should be inside us , let them be with us , otherwise tomorrow will switch to that side of the road with you , and we are the stones are , \"he said . Said that we need to know a Photo our country's values ​​and securities, Turbay said that there was another Turkey, \"Our country is in a ring of fire . Every day refugees, who need help are coming in droves to our country. Look, we do not have another Turkey. Currently available in Middle Eastern countries and in the countries oppressed and disadvantaged regions of the world that we are the ones having Turkey. Of course then Turkey before God . Is there an owner's So Turkey ? As one can enter the door from which you look at the countries around us and inside and ticking player which can help you open the arms. That is why we must know the value of our country in our country and securities, never to play and never have to come , \"he said .
President Turbay , \"Bem-Bir-Sen , Officer-Sen members of the confederation is the brand of a trade union in a sense, unions and national . We're social stability agreement with the social balance in our contract about 80 percent of municipalities in Turkey . And in these contracts at the same time 81 special provincial administrations in the province could not just 2 of them , we still do all the social equilibrium contract outside it. Of course, in this sense, our work continues , firefighters also continue our work related to the actual service and worn out , we have some shortcomings we hope to eliminate them . Police believe the correction again, I hope our friends in the amendment Act 5510 requirements and our work continues to benefit from them in actual service and wear. Again, our confederation under the leadership of our public employees holding a degree in counseling from the language is installed and running , a number of other studies related to our receipt of the rights and interests continues. In local government, on the other hand we also 4B'l the past, I hope our last squad of our friends according to the 5393 law, Article 49 of which will give the fight in a bag law will be released in the coming days , \"he said. Activity after
speeches and and audit reports reading was accepted . was passed after the Wishes and selection .

Bem-Bir-Sen Branch of the 5th Ordinary General Meeting was held in Sakarya" comments for.


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