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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:16

Bem-Bir-Sen Branch Re-Elected President of Acer

Bem-Bir-Sen Branch Re-Elected President of Acer
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Officer-Sen, due to Municipalities and Local Authorities Workers Union (Bem-Bir-Sen) Malatya branch to another branch office in the 4th Ordinary General Assembly re-elected Hanif Acer .

Malatya news:
Battalgazi Municipal Assembly held at Bem-Bir-Sen Malatya Branch to the General Assembly of the AK Party Malatya Deputy Jamal Ali , Yesilyurt Mayor Haji Uğur Polat , Bem-Bir-Sen , Deputy Chairman Levent Uslu and Civil joy, Battalgazi Deputy Mayor Mr. Mustafa , Officer-Sen City Representative Kerem Lightning General Manager Dr. MASKİ Free Özdemir, Fırat Development Agency Development Committee Head Dr. Abraham Gezer with the guests and the general assembly delegates attended.
General Assembly sofa chair Bem-Bir-Sen , Deputy Chairman Levent behave while opening speech Bem-Bir-Sen Branch Chairman Hanif Acer , \"Malatya, our brand union which has become Bem-Bir-Sen members of the potential 89 per cent saving the great success obtained ., 2002 in 32 members we started with the struggle for rights today 976 members and 14 office in 11 authorizedto and 107 in the Social Balance indemnity agreement has been signed , \"he said .
Recent events Reacting to Acer , \"Nowadays Kobani'nin our brothers in great pain of racism motives with the pretext of killing innocent people with those Isidor called the terrorist organization Kopani posted on the separate hotbeds of the escapement should be noted . their fathers, mentors are all the same ,\"he said. < br/> Bem-Bir-Sen , Deputy Chairman of the Civil joy, \"We are local workers'rights and interests Korama the government with our employees on behalf of the beautiful dialogues , dialogue, establishing the first we were able to , and in the municipalities of social balance compensation legalizing the local staff as a gift to have . We thank everyone who contributed in this , \"he said .
Last Kopani react to the events of Joy ,\"As for the incident in Malatya where I do not know , I thought I Vanlıy . We could not get out for 3 days in Van . Advocates us , supposedly our legal rights advocates , supposedly defending our identity and our values ​​of our country, ettiler.asl plunder burn my Erçiş'liy . They destroyed 90 percent of Ercis . Became much worse after the earthquake . I'm asking ; that my human rights, my Kobani'nin with this exit , this is the go with these folks ? We do not want you to go with them . We want to live together peacefully and our nation . Turkiyeli and we praise ummah Muhammed'iz , \"he reported.
Bem-Bir-Sen , Deputy Chairman Levent Uslu in 1996 in Malatya military service made ​​, stating that since then, Malatya, very advanced , very changed and outstanding beauty and see it as indicating that those who contributed thanked .
AK Party Malatya Deputy Jamal Ali , the \"Master Necip Fazil expression and will fill a new, fast color , shriveled not fresh reconstruction of the certainly unionization our movements much more thus the must take place in a way . Together with all the institutions and rules of democracy to take root as a result of what I hope Postalli and then Turkey's government can not intervene nor other groups . So when it comes to their development does not meet the democratic government of Turkey to intervene and their ambitions to realize the notion will not work . This path in the civil society organizations and our unions is reinforced , enforce , \"he said .
Officer-Sen City Representative Kerem Yildirim said ,\"OFFICER-SEN in Malatya 13 thousand members in our country 800 thousand approaching giant potential members by brand is the union . Authorized union, the union is effective . , Even representing our country in every field of trade unionism is the only trade union , \"he said .
Yesilyurt Mayor Haji Ugur Polat'\"This is our unity is very important. EUR was organized society if we attach us what works , what works the ball clear the rifle works . In fact, now have their own house with Turkey after the 2000s , but it was a country that suffers with the world . February 28 , our country was very busy with an internal disorder, a squabble lived in itself . Has become the enemy of the nation state , the state with the nation's values, fighting , tramples the values ​​of the nation has become a structure . But much to my Lord be praised , these folks always know how to ask the account and asked that account during this period . Now these folks who fight with their own values ​​, not a community that fights with itself , at peace with itself , provide peace within itself and now has become a community facing outward . How much less we'd thank my Lord , \"he said .
Euphrates Development Agency Development Board Chairman Prof. Dr. İbrahim Gezer, \"we have arrived at an inopportune time , unfortunately, a lot of Islamic geography was transformed into the land of death . Suffering , the consolation , the land was transformed into a network . Real every day.'ve Become violent and wakes . Re-take between our hands , we need to rethink . This geography How to rebuild a nod to his homeland converted , what a peace island converted into how a peace valley converted on them a lot of pondering need , \"he said .
The speeches after the election was called.
General Assembly Hanif Acer re-was elected president of the branch .

Bem-Bir-Sen Branch Re-Elected President of Acer" comments for.


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