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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 17:11

Bench took place in palm

Bench took place in palm
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Ramadan is indispensable palm , took their places in the counter .

Eskişehir news: Ramadan is indispensable palm , took their places in the counter . Taşbaşı Bazaar in Eskisehir is located around the artisan stalls were decorated with different kinds of palm . Domes of Merchants Koray
Hussein , came from many different countries and the price of palm differ much compared to last year , he said. Domes , \"Iran, Medina , Tunisia and Algeria from the palm have . Every customer's chosen date is different. Because Ramadan maximum palm consumption of the elderly is performing. Their teeth are constrained to the soft palm prefer . So Jerusalem and Iran palm the . Palm of the best Medina palm is . because Medina palm two years tüketilmes even the taste to not lose anything . Mouth maximum flavor left palm in the Medina palm is . But this palm is harder , so is not preferred , \"he said .
palm weaken that tells Domes , continued as follows:
\"Ramadan, a person Örücüler the palm with the open and behind a glass of water if the Ramadan, between 7 and 10 pounds can . this weakening of the latter in their bodies as minerals , vitamins what a reduction happens at a would imbalances . Performed experiments and studies have proved this. \"

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