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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:01

Beside Agricultural Insurance Producer

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Agricultural Insurance Pool Management Inc.

Malatya news: Chairman of the Board of Ramadan Kadak , \"Malatya from insurance producers from the beginning of the system 82 million premium received, while it has made ​​a payment of money üreticilere190 million ,\"he said . Photo TARSİM Chairman Ramazan Kadak , Assistant General Manager Zeki Karakurt, Human Resources and Administrative Manager Joseph Küçüksakal and Malatya Regional Director Benjamin with Kadak Malatya Food, Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Ali visited Cypress . speaking at a Photo Views Kadak , \"in the framework of State Supported Agriculture Insurance system, across the country , from the beginning of the system the number of policies issued so far passed the 4.4 million units. approximately 72 million acres and has been insured cattle and sheep over 3 million units. be made to the producer end of the year , claims paid will pass 1.6 billion. TARSİM connected to Malatya Regional Directorate in Malatya , from the beginning of the system insured manufacturer of premium while getting 82 million were paid correspondingly üreticilere190 million. Buda is located next to the manufacturer indicates that the insurance system , \"he said .
Food, Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Ali Selvi said,\"We continue to work in harmony Agricultural Insurance Pool Management with managers and employees. We strive to do our best to instill in Malatya, the agricultural insurance and the increase and will continue to show increasing . Point contributions to the producers of agricultural insurance came in Malatya , as can be seen from the figures for the year is increasing . I thank those who contributed Bunda Mr. President and our Board of Directors Regional Office. As the Provincial Directorate , the purpose and the insurance policy number and we will continue our efforts to communicate the benefits increase with each passing day, \"he said .

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