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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:02

Besides Dilovası Municipality Owner Needs

Besides Dilovası Municipality Owner Needs
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Dilovası Municipality, municipal and scope of social work quickly to those in need continues to deliver aid in an orderly manner .

Kocaeli news: Photo Converter has professional services infrastructure that sustains the work day and night Dilovası Municipality shows at every opportunity with projects where the importance given to the public. Press and Public Relations food and bread assistance made ​​accordance with the lists prepared as a result of determinations made by the Director puts a smile on the faces of Diloval citizens . In accordance with the records that were admitted by applying the Photo citizens seamlessly , from finding the bakery on the outskirts can receive in exchange for vouchers for bread. In addition, dry food aid made ​​after meticulous research by visiting the family in need of assistance to municipalities designated place teams . One of the issues they care Dilovası as the Municipality stating that to also extend a helping hand to people in need in the county Dilovası Mayor Ali Tolteca , \"We strive to continuously alongside social and Transparent Municipal understanding people ,\"he said .
Lyrics ongoing Dilovası Mayor Ali Tolteca , \"We consider it a duty to support our people in low-income and disadvantaged . they are showing that we are with them they are not alone and we'll show you . continued low-income previously in this context , we will continue to pursue continuous human our food and bread assistance. our municipality continues to work with awareness of social responsibility you will . Just this month in other months , although not specific , we will continue to do our best in our low-income citizens. We are a blessing will be made ​​to our greatest happiness , \"he said

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