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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:47

Besiktas Bayramlaşma

Besiktas Bayramlaşma
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Spor Toto Super League match to be played tomorrow, with Balıkesirspor Besiktas located in Balikesir , camping at his hotel before lunch made ​​holy ceremony .

İstanbul news:
ceremony ; vice-president and branch president Ahmed Nur Çebi soccer , football, board member of the team responsible for Mete Vardar coach Slaven Bilic, was attended by the technical committee and the players . Holy during the Ahmed Nur Çebi , Mete Vardar, Slaven Bilic and Tolga Zengin a brief speeches.
Ahmed Nur ÇEBİ: \" Besiktas community flag of CELEBRATES \"
Beşiktaş Vice President and Football Branch President Ahmed Nur Çebi in his speech , \"We in the eyes of Besiktas of the community feast congratulate . you children , my family as I see it. my parents'my second family there , there, I have to go ,'I said , and with you I came . did very well , I am very happy . happy with you this holiday been with my . feast congratulate your . healthy and wholesome , with your family nice feast wish . at the same time a successful feast day to spend family as many would like , \"he said .
MET VARDAR: \" God of our partnership disordering Hopefully \"
Football team responsible board member Mete Vardar , the \"We \"dear family , \"he would like to address . too proud and happy, with you I'm the . For me, success is not the first priority , the first priority union. I have a brother, I have 2 children . 16 years apart from my family for the first time I'm having a feast , but the pride of being with you and I am happy . God I hope this does not disrupt our union in no time . This love we get the ball with great success . All Besiktas in the eyes of your community , I celebrate the feast of the Islamic world . Our Chairman and non-executive board with us in Rebecca feast once again congratulate all of our friends . Hopefully tomorrow Balıkesirspor match them with a win , would have a chance to give a holiday gift . You parents of the children , again I congratulate your relatives feast . God, I hope not crush our union , \"he said .
Besiktas coach Slaven Bilic said:\"Being here with you , to be a part of it for us really proud . To you , your families , friends all Besiktas family a happy holiday wish , \"the words have exerted .
Besiktas captain Tolga Zengin in his speech ,\"leave us alone for us, a family , kid , you as your brother because you teammates thank you on behalf . I hope tomorrow's match will live at that time took the main feast , \"he said.

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