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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 20:53

Besiktas , Trabzonspor had moved into Number 10

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Turkey Basketball League Week 4 Besiktas Integral Forex Medical Park Trabzonspor defeated 68-58 .

İstanbul news: Photo Besiktas Integral Forex After the match played at the arena Besiktas Integral Forex Coach Ahmet Kandemir , stressing that they get an important victory with the support of our fans , \"We felt a bit today as a team, as a result of the matches we play on top of fatigue. In short rotation today than Enes and Muratcan we benefit more . Consequently Muratcan this team's captain and he knows responsibility will be time very well . Halftime opponent could not open the second half of the difference although we keep low numbers. we played with a very low percentage in foreign shot. the support of our course, fans also played an important role in this victory. Now in front of us there is a match Eurocup and we want to continue on my way win in this match , \"he said . Photo Besiktas Integral Forex team athlete jajuk Johnson , said they could not start as they want the game , \"We know now recovered to . we had good defense throughout the match . But the exterior shots in unable to demonstrate the performance we want. unforced errors in the moments we can turn on the difference we make . 40 minutes in length , we fought the good fight and we scored a good win . We want to continue the outlet of the European Championship , \"he said .
TRABZONSPOR MEDICAL PARK SIDE Photo Trabzonspor Medical Park coach Hakan Demir, as away games and they fought the good fight against a strong team like Besiktas said, \"We were one win away this we need. We play in a tough league fixture. Fenerbahce, Efes Pilsen and we were unable to win despite playing well against Besiktas . We do not play particularly effective time resolution of the node match against our competitors . We're ineffective shots in the game . My players are fighting well . I supposed it would be more than happy winner here . But I'm not happy after losing repeatedly taken . We talked about this topic in our management , \"he said .

Besiktas , Trabzonspor had moved into Number 10" comments for.


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