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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 22:34

Besiktas , with 9 quiche 3 Scored for

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Besiktas coach Slaven Bilic, 2-1 win over Istanbul after the match Başakşehir , \"My players know they turn a very difficult match ,\"he said .

İstanbul news: Photo Spor Toto Super League week 9 Besiktas , Istanbul Basaksehir at a press conference held after the match in two sets 2-1 for coach said. Photo Besiktas coach Slaven Bilic, a good stating that the match , \"We played a match that contains everything . My players did not know a very difficult match to dial . we did a good return . after Thursday's Partizan match , we played a tough match tonight . Today we're going here three points. we deserve fully this victory \"was the description . Photo Bilic, stressing that they put up a good fight , \"We were not in bad condition in the league before this match . we have leading up to two weeks. we lost Raith Rovers and Fenerbahce match the pitch of a missing person staying . we are in an intense match traffic. first half 0-0 was right . But competitors entered the locker room by throwing a goal . the second half was going to be difficult to translate opponent atsaydı second goal of the match . the second half of our players took more initiative. We were able to go to put more weight on the place of our offensive players in the game . We have already come to the field with a staff of mostly offensive to win this match . It was difficult to work after receiving red cards but we know the fight for points , \"he said.
the 2-1 defeat to Besiktas in Istanbul Basaksehir coach Abdullah Avci, \"We have the opportunity to catch the 2 difference against Besiktas but did not evaluate them ,\"he said . Photo experienced coach , referring to a beautiful encounter, \"like the first did not enter the game at 30-minute episodes gözüksek we enter the post-circuit . Closed the first half 1-0 lead . In the first 15 minutes of the second half, we said we solve the game. The opportunity to solve the game came into our hands , but we did not evaluate them. Before we eat golden foul . Ellen has had rave reviews in the style of play . I will not comment because I was away . Ate goal after the counterattack . Already after 75 minutes the game was not played in the red coat . We have a good team , we'll win more matches in this league . Scripted there was a match we lost it, \"he explained . Photo Hunter, adding that when they play with competitors such as Besiktas should take the second goal , \"we went ahead 1-0 , 2-0 score in this game is supposed to do . We seize opportunities to evaluate them but we could not evaluate , \"he said .

Besiktas , with 9 quiche 3 Scored for" comments for.


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