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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 15:34

'Best Peanuts'Contest Held

'Best Peanuts'Contest Held
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Held in Gaziantep'Peanut Festival'competition organized under the best with pistachio nuts were selected.

Gaziantep news: Held in Gaziantep'Peanut Festival'competition organized under the best with pistachio nuts were selected.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Peanut Festival , which is organized by the'best peanut'competition was held. Peanut growers to examine their products jury has determined the year's best peanuts .
GATEM Fistikci held on the Site, the'best peanut'competition was held for the 8th time this year . Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality's become a tradition transformed , many institutions and organizations that are supported by the'best peanut'competition intense participation was with .
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality , organized by the'best peanut'competition ; Gaziantep Commodity Exchange , Gaziantep Fistikci Chamber , Southeastern Anatolia Exporters Union , Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers Union of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate, Nizip Mercantile Exchange, Pistachio Promotion Association , Chamber of Agriculture and Gaziantep district municipalities with the support was made.
Effectiveness , respect stance and began with the National Anthem . Activities of the stage in Urfa, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Folk Dance Team and Team Pos Night , participants were pleasing moments .
Nut sack sewing contest was part of the event . Peanut sacks Sheriff Kaplan was awarded thorn in the fastest way .
Event of 2014'network of peanuts'were also determined. Highest bidder'Sergeant'pistachio network , nicknamed Ahmed was elected as the Blackbirds year .
'Best peanut'48 farmers participated in the contest . Peanuts, as determined by the competition commission was evaluated by the members of the jury . Size , popping rate allure and bone shell separation of resistance , including 4 categories assessed peanuts regional winners were determined.
Competition Nizip-Karkamış group participating Hasan Kılıç , car-Yavuzeli group participating Fevzi Ozkan and Gaziantep central district groups on behalf of the participating Cumalı Yigit first was obtained. The former , who attended the event members of the protocol was rewarded by .
Peanut Gaziantep region and its contribution draws attention to the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, said:
\"Peanuts, very special for us . Near East's most important production areas seems. Turkmenistan, Iran, wherever you look homeland us. Gaziantep not , Gaziantep nuts not peanuts so delicious no. we in this matter ambitious. these spontaneously happens. evening than in the morning? Fistikci you can not be . larger a civilization there . Historically an incoming accumulation there . grandfather of the rest of us a great legacy there . our task the city with overlap , indeed the source of nutrients , flavor source , today when we look at the kitchen of our culture in which is an important peanuts, crown of our heads and end up'll have . \"
Speaking at the event, Gaziantep Commodity Exchange is Chairman Ahmet Tiryakioğlu said:
\"Pistachios are grown in 27 provinces . That 90 percent of Gaziantep, Adiyaman , Sanliurfa, Siirt and the vast majority of the crop, including around Kahramanmaras . Gaziantep Pistachio where 100 is the processing of the face . Pistachio named after the city due to the very special and separate counts.
90-100 thousand a crop for this year, said . Last year there were 50-60 thousand tons . Different this year than in the previous year but in the coming years in the last 5 years it within the next 5 years is expected to rise to 300 thousand tons . Need it all together with our provincial and district directorates of the Ministry of Agriculture together with the authorities although not yet been finalized with the predictions will come to 300 thousand tons . \"
Activities of public commemorative photo shoot ended up with .

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