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  • 15 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 15:17

Between IVF Treatment Primary Treatment

Between IVF Treatment Primary Treatment
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Medical Park Hospital IVF Unit from Samsun Oper .

Samsun news: Medical Park Hospital IVF Unit from Samsun Oper . Dr. Reverend Mediterranean \"IVF \"gave information about . Dr.
Reverend Mediterranean, \"test tube baby method to have a child wanting to families last step defined as , although in this regard , studies in vitro fertilization is the primary treatment shows that . Treatment methods and management in the right hands to make success inevitable that shows us ,\"he said .
Oper . Dr. Reverend Mediterranean, \"in vitro fertilization of egg and sperm in a laboratory environment fertilization . Short tube that occur during the fertilization process in laboratory conditions and healthy sperm and healthy female reproductive cells selectively , having children will make you embryos were obtained on the quality of the day, according to the fertilized egg transfer covers ,\"he said .
to increase the success rate of the treatment say they are doing research before Dr. Reverend Mediterranean, \"Women in the buff uterine disorders have the uterus through the film can diagnose . Endometrium ( children's seats ) Making uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps ( ETB NEW ), ovarian endometrioma ( chocolate cyst) If there is a diagnostic ultrasound thanks can put it. Moreover cases of endometriosis called disease if there is diagnostic laparoscopy and it can be diagnosed . diagnosis of the patient treatment at the end of the eggs are collected , the collected eggs micro-injection (ICSI) process with the selected healthy embryos are placed . healthy embryos in the selection of the genetic research achievement, satisfactory results are achieved inside me is important , \"he said .
Oper . Dr. Reverend Mediterranean, \"in the body of reproductive cells , the correct treatment methods , selecting stimulant drugs and laboratory using the methods of treatment success rate can increase . Treatment both sides of the men and women of the assessment center must not forget that ,\"he said.

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