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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:37

Between the broken rubble and crushed cars and helmets

Between the broken rubble and crushed cars and helmets
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In Karaman Ermenek district a coal mine in the result of flooding that occurred inside trapped 16 workers exploration work continued on the 16th day , the extent of the gains crushed cars and broken helmets between piles of rubble that were evacuated from the mine showed it was great.

Karaman news: Photo Periodically drain the accident occurred whether aid trucks loaded wagons from the coal mine excavation, the mine reaches 15 tonnes dumped in the area about 1 mile away. 16 days before the accident occurred on the inside trapped 16 to reach workers in the spill area excavation extracted from coal mines heavily clay , coal, large rocks, the broken planks used for fortification , taking place torn gloves and beverage cans with broken helmets for workers , yet it is of rubble how much of the gains brought by space debris crushed cars truck is proving to be great . 797 seat capacity with the search and rescue teams , mine occurred in the boiler to reach 16 days with 8-hour shift workers are continuing to work .

Between the broken rubble and crushed cars and helmets" comments for.


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