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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 08:59

Between the Darul Aman Palace in Afghanistan Puli Sokha Road Opened

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As part of the reconstruction of Afghanistan , Kabul, in the framework of the improvement of urban roads in the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency ( TIKA) completed by the construction of the Darul Aman Palace in Puli between Sokha way was opened .

Kabil news:
project of great importance for Afghanistan was opened with a ceremony . The ceremony, Afghanistan, the Ministry of Economy Chairman Abdul Hadi Argandival , Afghanistan, Executive Vice Minister Muhammad investigator , Afghanistan Member of Parliament Syed Anwar Saadat, TICA East and South Asia, the Pacific and Latin America Department Rahman Nur , did you TIKA Kabul Coordinator Suleyman Sahin, TICA officials and citizens attended the meeting.
Afghanistan, the Ministry of Economy , Deputy Abdul Hadi Argandival at the ceremony , said such a project attend the opening due to his satisfaction , stressing \"Yesterday I this street I passed. Afghanistan's such a street have to see that I was very happy . Supports Turkey due and TIKA would like to thank , \"he said .
Afghanistan, Executive Vice Minister Muhammad investigator , the Afghanistan and Turkey friendship between the emphasis on the said project in the implementation for their support TIKA thanked .
Afghanistan Deputy Syed Anwar Saadat emphasizing the importance of the project to Kabul , said they were grateful for their support of TIKA .
TICA East and South Asia, the Pacific and Latin America, Head of Department Have Rahman Nur , referring to the historic ties between the two countries , opening the question of happiness in being able to implement the project , he said . In many areas of Afghanistan to implement projects that expressed by Dr. Nur did , tika on Afghanistan operations would continue noted.
TIKA Kabul Coordinator Süleyman Şahin , inaugurated the projects they inform me about bulunarak said the project's realization effort to thank everyone who sent her .
Kabul Mayor Muhammad dolphins Nevindeş , the TIKA Kabul for the renovation carried out many projects , said:\"Today again TIKA Kabul one of his major projects, more are opening . Puli Sokha in the Darul Aman Palace blocked the road by making the service offered. TIKA'Because of its projects for the Kabul thank tika \"he said. After the speeches, ceremonies , ribbon cuttings and ended .
Afghanistan's capital Kabul city roads in order to improve the year 2012 in December Puli Sokha on-Darul Aman Palace cross road construction project was launched . 4406 meters long and 60 meters wide, except for the security strip three lane departure , arrival of three lanes , including the construction of six-lane road was completed in August 2014 . Landscaping and greening work will be done in the proper way to weather conditions , all transactions after 25 and 7 thousand to 60 thousand 600 trees with flowers in Afghanistan will be the most modern way . TIKA carried out by the said project , the region's commercial and social as a major contribution by providing road around Kabul, the new attraction has become a center .
Previously by TIKA built and Afghanistan, the only bridge crossing the Mirvais interchanges starting from the newly constructed being the road leading to the parliament building is located in Kabul, greatly relieving urban traffic , led to the region's socio-economic change in the face .

Between the Darul Aman Palace in Afghanistan Puli Sokha Road Opened" comments for.


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