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  • 29 Ekim 2012, Pazartesi 14:53

Beware! Horluyorsanız ...

Beware! Horluyorsanız ...
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Experts warned that snoring is a sign of illness

society known as snoring, sleep apnea can lead to serious health problems noted experts warned that snoring should not be taken lightly.

Samsun Anatolian Farm Hospital Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Diseases and Head & Neck Surgery Expert Op. Dr. Vural Büyüksoy, snoring Those complaints could remain faced with a serious health problem, he said. Snoring during sleep is generally defined as an individual's noisy sound recording issued by Büyüksoy snoring more than normal growth of the soft palate and uvula, or as the result of prolapse recalled.

Tension of these muscles lose blocking the airway during sleep, causing uvula vibrate, indicating that Op. Dr. Büyüksoy Vural,"But the nose, narrowing the airway until the vocal chords all problems (allergic rhinitis, nasal bone deformities, sinusitis, structural abnormalities of the upper and lower jaw, the tongue is too large) can lead to snoring. Pediatric snoring often or bademciğinin adenoid symptom. all snoring indicative of airway narrowing. If you are a serious contraction of the airway is completely shut down. This results in the interruption of breathing during sleep." said.

Snoring obesity, the elderly and people with chronic diseases more common in the mouth of the Head and Neck Surgery Expert Op looks stressed. Dr. Vural Büyüksoy form of treatment is snoring says;

"The sound of snoring so much about you, your bed or your room, or even annoys people sharing the same roof. Nearby snoring person her husband sleep time, according to a study made leads to a decrease in average hours, so his wife to go to sleep. In addition, snoring, pauses in breathing during sleep also be a symptom of disease. hospital patients by the method of dealing with this problem for a few sessions of radiofrequency use this issue in kurtulabiliyorlar. surely do not want to disturb anyone while you sleep at night you have to be a specialist. "

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