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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 11:21

Beware of Poisonous Mushrooms

Beware of Poisonous Mushrooms
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Community Health Center of Kütahya Markets warning was made by the poisonous mushrooms.

Kütahya news: Community Health Center of Kütahya Markets warning was made by the poisonous mushrooms.
Markets County Community Health Center of the responsible physician Dr.. Fulya Verily, in the mountains of the mushrooms growing unconscious from exhaustion occurring against poisoning citizens warned.
Grows spontaneously in nature mushroom poisonous whether only microscopic examination results emerged that County Community Health Center physician Dr.. Fulya know, the culture of fungi other than mushrooms eaten by citizens of the meaning of life was reported that a very large risks.
DR. Fulya know, the culture of fungal species unknown outside the harmful fungi, he said. Nutrition commonly used in foods fungus that meat in the same feeder was thought to be describing dr.bil, the"mushroom nutritional value of meat is not the same. Cultivated mushroom outside the strictly type unknown fungi eat this mushroom can be fatal. Grows spontaneously in nature mushroom eating supposed to. Species unknown fungus defeat, depending on occurring mushroom poisoning, cardio-vascular disorders, palpitations, mental disorders, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, high fever, respiratory failure and circulatory failure occurs. Such cases nearest health facility, please refer to"he said.
DR. Know that grows in nature in yeast during the investigations very dangerous and deadly poisonous, they are the fungal species have been known, recalling that among the people of mushrooms the correct known"'' a scientific review without any of the fungus toxic or non-toxic to distinguish impossible. Some villagers distinguish them to primitive methods resorted to, but none of them scientific validity does not exist. example, poisonous mushrooms, bright and vibrant color that is said this is not true. Deadly levels of toxic mushrooms which are white understanding is wrong. poisonous fungi infestation is no evidence but it is wrong. because 'Amanita phalloides' most killing the fungus that causes Although often insect larvae accommodates. Poisonous mushrooms silver or onions upon contact with decision rumors that she also false. because all aging fungus usually darker, is inclined. Fragrances and flavors which is too bad allegations that wrong. most poisonous mushrooms too is delicious. enough pişirils de poison does not. because of some poisons chemical structure is resistant to heat.'' and"Tree at the top of mushrooms do not poison as"mistakes poisoning facts boost voiced.
DR. know, the fungus toxic or non-toxic occurs that distinguishes See misleading, stressing that'' Death at the expense of adventures do not have to. instead of natural cork is now also quite intensively cultivated mushrooms are produced. Consumers should opt for this fungus'' he said. Neglect specific news.

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