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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:55

Beyşehir Sgm , is serving 11 thousand insured

Beyşehir Sgm , is serving 11 thousand insured
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Social Security Center in the district of Konya Beysehir total of 11 thousand 498 in the three districts serve policyholders were reported.

Konya news:
in Beyşehir financial advisers organized for informational attended the meeting Beyşehir Social Security Center Director Ekrem sergeant in 2008, since Beysehir as well as Derebucak and Hüyük such districts also serving Beyşehir Social Security Central Directorate of about 94 thousand population appealing location and structure that söyledi.bölge 4/A under the number of insured 10 thousand 313 , indicating that the Cavuslu , 4/B Bag-Kur Within the scope of January 1, 2012 as thousand 397 and transferred to 10 thousand 128 files with this number 11 will reach 498 thousand was passed. Cavuslu however, that universal health insurance also provide services in the area of 6 thousand 558 people , he said. Beyşehir as an institution , place of business registration, employer business and operations , the general health insurance operations, 4/4/b-ETMDay 5 , Appendix 6 registered and abandoned transactions, international health certificate , illness, occupational accident , maternity as short as term insurance operations performed noted that the sergeant , the eight officers , one chief , one manager , including 10 staff tried to serve said.
social security reform, the first leg of the one-roof model with the SSK-Bağkur-Pension Fund of intense red tape reduction is intended transfer Cavuslu , however, institutions provide services that improve the quality of this reform of the important objectives constitute one , emphasizing the \"social security institutions of the merger at the end corporation established between the automation system and the speed of service delivery can be achieved and automation systems, each able to control the situation in the event of problems diminish over time , we believe that \"he said.
During the meeting, participants place of business registration procedures , e-insurance and e-payments through the declaration of the workplace and occupational information was given about the work statement .

Beyşehir Sgm , is serving 11 thousand insured" comments for.


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