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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:57

Bi-monthly air strikes on Iraq and Syria to the balance sheet

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Ally of the United States and of the states , who seized control in some areas of Iraq and Syria to the attacks carried out Isidor , the second month has left behind.

Washıngton news: On August 8, in Iraq and in Syria air strike that started on September 23 in and around Mosul, 98, on the border with Turkey , including more than 350 Kobani'nin 24 air strikes were carried out .
US-led coalition in Iraq and Syria Isidor in two months, more than 350 attacks on positions held. Kopani on the border of Syria, Turkey launched air strikes have been 24 so far . American Central Command (CENTCOM ) months Isidor's under siege the Kobani'nin of airstrikes 6 of the last night made ​​announced.
America, Mosul around potential threats nearly 100 air attack has been done . In the area of water resources in Iraq and Syria Isidor by militants as a weapon is used, Isidor Mosul seizing the region after the control to get back in August, Iraqi and Kurdish troops carried out ground operation U.S. air operations with the supported.
The United States on September 15 from the air attacks in and around Baghdad , announced the opening . CENTCOM According to the information coming from , at least 26 around Baghdad was attacked. Air attacks also increased around Fallujah at the same time .
United States Air Forces in Syria against al Qaeda-linked group of Khorasan held on September 23 at 8 47 tomahawk cruise missiles, air strikes were used.

Bi-monthly air strikes on Iraq and Syria to the balance sheet" comments for.


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