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  • 30 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 20:35

Bilecik Family Home has 3 women

Bilecik Family Home has 3 women
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Bilecik of theft that occurred in the third person arrested and detained .

Bilecik news: Bilecik of theft that occurred in the third person arrested and detained .
According to reports , Ismet Pasha Street Hospital is located in the neighborhood of the Supreme apartment home owners residing in apartment number 12 Tolga Dedeoğlu enter the house , the house was robbed noticed . 15 minutes as neighbor passes and returned home to the house burgled and realized that Dedeoğlu event 155 Police crews reported .
Meanwhile, the thief who noticed eyewitness John Dedeoglu relative Bushra Tok , the apartment was entering the third woman from the building back turning their nervous they said they saw a way out . Tok, \"I after the women again a step back and look at me, I saw that and much was troubled . , I home when I go in-law my and my sister from building such a person exists and a very uncomfortable way you look at me that they expressed. Me finish my sentence on my sister home burglar had entered , he said. behind your uncle's input and called the police . police team when it comes to the environment together by scanning the bus station we went. Bus Station Bozüyük car was about to come , and that time these individuals Bus glass again looked at me I saw . police teams ladies from the bus after downloading them I recognized . Thereupon the police station to go to my statement I gave , \"he said .
understood to come from Eskişehir police Bilecik three women were detained in Terminal Bozüyük bus . Seized from the suspects U. Clover (22), Coy Ö. (21) and Leyla G.'s (18) in about 1 AdaTTI bracelets, gold necklaces and Dedeoğlu 1 belongs to a family wedding ring found two pieces .

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