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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 20:00

\"Bilecik Produce Project is \"TUBITAK Scientific Certification Ceremony was held Slope Project Consulting

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Bilecik Provincial Directorate of National Education and Bursa, Eskisehir , Istanbul Development Agency ( BEBKA ) under technical assistance program \"Bilecik Produce Project is \"TUBITAK scientific project consulting and project training certificates exhibition opening ceremony was held .

Bilecik news: Photo Bilecik Sheikh Edebali Culture and the ceremony took place at the Congress Hall , Istanbul Deputy Governor Mustafa South , Istanbul Deputy Mayor Kadri Senturk, Provincial General Assembly President Serkan Yildirim, Provincial Education Director Ismail Altınkaynak , BEBKA officials, corporate managers , and many number of teachers participated. the program began with the reading of a Photo of silence and the National Anthem . Providing information about educational projects Assoc . Dr. Eyup Artvinli , for receiving such a training and Bilecik crowd is very happy , he said. Artvin , \"the first time in Bilecik We carry such a training. Bilecik Provincial Directorate of National Education , we are doing with BEBKA participation and TUBITAK Regional Coordinator cooperation continuation of education can be . With this training we are more conscious of our students studying in high school in Bilecik and more scientific we aimed to do a high level of project applications . for this purpose, about 150 teachers friend to our 3 days we have training . this training course does not stop here . we will continue our communication with friends. we discussed what to do to make better projects. project first shaping bebka such a proposal at the time we were here we accept teacher we now do . rather than admit to a given industrial project , we need so many students to be educated. Because after this 5 years , 6 years after the project-management means that a new generation coming solve mentality problem. Today, a project after 5 years we we prefer that our teachers trained 150 student projects with friends. Therefore thrown into the future is a little way , 4 years from Anatolia , 5 years after the place where Bilecik face to face and solve problems resulting from anything else Bilecik secondary education is a very Bilecikliler boards, we can get to contribute to work of Bilecikliler students . This work should be seen as the establishment of the main benefits of TA. Because the project is in the process of care . The beginning is the end and an output end of a project . We have started with this training. I've done this training in the different provinces in Kütahya , Afyon , we have performed well in Eskisehir. 4. bilecik was our city in this sense . One of the most active participation in the leadership of city managers have seen that this is a project that most awareness training . Therefore, both Provincial Education administrators need to thank you very much for participating in this project started most important of our Ministry of Education Provincial subsequent to the end and fellow colleagues, beginning at 3 days patiently principal officers of our teachers in a voluntary way that , \"he said .
City the Education Director Ismail Altınkaynak the aim of this project is of secondary education, to encourage to do the work of basic and social science students with a scientific way, he said they are doing to contribute to direct work. TÜBİTAK Science and computers as Human Association for the Support , chemistry, mathematics geography, psychology, sociology and history Altınkaynak indicating branch of secondary students in research projects is to organize the competition , \"each student can only participate in a project and every project is organized by a maximum of two students. Not have to be a teacher in the project but could only get an advisor and consultant on a project to make the project much as he wants advice . Originality and creativity of scientific methods used in the assessment of the project, taking advantage of coherence and meaning in social contribution usability and usefulness of the source case , assimilation and domination , as a result , and openness measures are taken into account. This project will prepare our students to learn and where they earn various rewards and benefits. Contest finalists who will be in our area , our students and advisors to the success of the outcome document and the prize money will be awarded . Again, it will be exhibited in the contest for the final competition will be held in Ankara as a finalist in the region and ultimately the degree to the student teacher consultation document will be given prize money and success . Exhibited projects, a project owner or owners as a result of the evaluation \"Young Researcher of the Year\"award will benefit the candidates again will enter the final competition received their degrees off for once YGS'de so if they choose a corresponding sections in proportion to the degree they receive in the event of a single coat application numbers . The number of projects in Turkey are waiting for new projects and more projects in terms of quality . Our students will be more successful your guidance . I want to thank my labor last friend in all of our instructors , including our conversation to end , while training in the mission field first Job Artvinli teacher preparation of this project , \"he said . Photo Bilecik Deputy Governor Mustafa South , the work that made this is a beautiful work , said:\"I am on this subject I would like to mention . You know there is something called middle-income trap is currently in Turkey. National income remaining in the country are continuing to dig in the 13-14 year level. It had only one example , namely to increase the education and business have to add them checkers. We increase the literacy rate known primary, secondary , we are approaching almost one hundred percent in high school . Despite the fact that this can not understand the required number . After 15 years we will see the result of this . To improve the quality of education as our teacher, to raise the level of our knowledge this is very important for his people . I would like to thank all the teaching staff of my friends and I offer my respects , \"he said . Continue with the following folklore show of the Photo Talk of the program project contributors project responsible to , trainers and project students ended with the issuance of certificates . Certificates ceremony after the projects of the exhibition , the exhibition bilecik Sheikh Edebali Culture and Congress Exhibition Hall was opened by members of the protocol .

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